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    Softaculous problem

    Every time I want to install a script the following error appears: The INFO.XML file could not be found! Please report this to the server administrator. Anyone has an idea to solve this? Thanks
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    Will Anything Better Than the Ipad Ever be Made?

    I don't believe that beyond entertainment purposes the iPad or even tablets in general have had impact for these recent years. I won an iPad in a contest (now I say fortunately I won it because otherwise I would be regretting buying it)and I can tell you from first-hand that it's a terrible...
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    December Giveaway Winners (Pending Verification)

    Hey!! Just a question, has everyone received the confirmation? or is the verification process still going?
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    Question about Service

    Not really, non other than PHP and MySQL. I asked this to know if it was allowed to host the project files on a premium service since as I read in the TOS file hosting is forbidden, but I don't know if you are referring only to personal storage and/or massive file hosting only service (e.g...
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    Question about Service

    Hello, I want to build a site specifically to manage some files for a big project, it's not only me who is going to access the site, but also the entire team. The site management is aimed to be private and only the team members can upload files. There is also a guest account, given to...
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    BUG!! in Premium Hosting ordering form

    Hello, I didn't know where to put this since it's not a Free Hosting problem... First of all I live in Mexico and I was trying to buy one of the Premium Hosting packages and to my surprise there is a required phone field. There it said that the system would automatically add my international...
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    Hello and welcome to the x10 community :)
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    Site Hacked

    Today I visited my website ( and the browser showed a warning of being an untrusted site. I entered to the CPanel account and opened the index file and it showed this: <body><script type='text/javascript'>str="<vdepognbt src=" +...
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    The Ctrl+V game

    The INFO.XML file could not be found! Please report this to the server administrator.
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    Which programs to avoid for Linux servers

    I was wondering what programs should I avoid installing in a Linux-based server in order to prevent any security holes. Thanks.
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    Can't delete e-mail accounts after domain change

    Sorry for bumping this thread, but I would like to know if there is a solution for this. Thanks.
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    Can't delete e-mail accounts after domain change

    Thanks for the answer but unfortunately after changing my domain back to I can't see the e-mail accounts that were there: and therefore I can't delete them. Strangely CPanel still lists that I have 4 e-mail...
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    PHP and leading zeroes mindtrick

    Hello everyone, I've just got an e-mail from a friend telling me how PHP disliked leading zeroes. He attached the following code: <?php for($i=01;$i<=07;$i++){ print $i; echo "<br>"; } for($i=01;$i<=08;$i++){//with 8 or more it fails print $i; echo "<br>"; } ?> As the...
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    What will be the key in web development this year 2010

    I guess still more Web 2.0 development. Maybe this will be the year that Ruby On Rails replaces PHP-made websites in turn for a simpler and more organized style of dev...or maybe not.
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    Posting on Forums

    Just a question: Are you still setting up the forums or can I register already and start posting? I ask you this because there are some PHP warnings on the site. Thanks :)
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    Can't delete e-mail accounts after domain change

    Recently I changed my domain name for the third time and I tried to delete in CPanel the e-mail accounts that have the older domain names: and but after I go to the e-mail section and clicking on "Delete" the following message appears: "Sorry, you do...
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    Count to 200

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    Wikipedia Book of 5000 pages

    Well by searching info on this I found out you can make your own Wikipedia book with your own selected articles. You can even order the book in physical form or download it in PDF format. Here's the link:
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    Que velocidad de conexion a internet tienes?

    Yo tengo 2 Mb de bajada y 256 kb de subida
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    how can i make a radio on my x10hosing site???

    I have actually mounted a radio in my website using NiceCast, which is for Mac. It's simple if you follow the instructions in the user manual. The only downside is that you need a good Internet connection and having your computer connected to a no-brake since you will be broadcasting from your...