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  1. Archkronos

    More Updates!

    More Web 2.0 shineyness is a meh to me.
  2. Archkronos

    what do you think of the new design of the forum?

    A giant meh. Too much web 2.0 shinyness.
  3. Archkronos

    PHP vs. ASP

    PHP. Crossplatform is its greatest strength.
  4. Archkronos

    Photoshop vs. Illustrator

    Photoshop and Inkscape. ;)
  5. Archkronos

    360 vs. ps3

    Re: PS3 vs Xbox 360 Apart from the PC, Xbox 360 and Wii. ;)
  6. Archkronos

    Microsoft Antitrust Case: Justified or not

    Run a forkbomb. I had just enough time to go into a PC World, set off a forkbomb and walkout. The thing was getting mighty hot. It'd probably overheat if you turned off the thread limit because it probably hit the maximum thread limit for the user and denied any others opening. Though it'd...
  7. Archkronos

    Nvidia v.s. ATI

    Oh my god. Imagine Quad-CrossFire. 6 Teraflops. (though it'd cost a few pounds a minute to run :|)
  8. Archkronos

    Which hotmail email domain is better

    Meh, I use for all the spam stuff I may sign up to. That way, there's no real chance of getting something spammy in my inbox.
  9. Archkronos

    In Your Opinion- The Best Social Network?

    I hate them all equally, with the exception of MySpace, which is undoubtably the worst site on the net.
  10. Archkronos

    Microsoft Antitrust Case: Justified or not

    Actually, I rather like WMP11. Photo editors and video editors need to be included, too. And why do apple not get into trouble-- oh wait, I remember: iLife isn't part of the operating system - it is bundled with it for free when you first buy the system. ^ this. The thing overheats...
  11. Archkronos

    How many times!! is something I don't like. Mainly because it is instantly associated with being a free domain. I don't mind subdomains or domains, but I don't like blatently free domains.
  12. Archkronos

    Warez or no Warez?

    Actually, its good for Adobe's business. Companies can't skip on paying licences, so the more people that are familar with Photoshop from using it at home, legally or not, the better, since these people will probably request it for their work. To the topic at hand: yes, I use Torrents...
  13. Archkronos

    Which hotmail email domain is better ;) Yeah, my email is powered by Hotmail. I did it because it was easier to set up than google's email hosting and it also is 10-fold better than Horde/Squirel Mail (or whatever the builtin ones are). Also I love the interface. Go figure, it's forwarded into my...
  14. Archkronos

    DRM or no DRM?

    This sums up my views:
  15. Archkronos

    Nvidia v.s. ATI

    I've got two 4850's in Crossfire. It's annoying to disable one when I want to use both screens though.
  16. Archkronos

    Google G1

    Looks like it runs heavily modified XFCE to me. :eek4:
  17. Archkronos

    Post your first computer

    Commodore 64. No, really. I forget the specs.
  18. Archkronos

    Windows 7(Vienna)

    But think of how awesome it would be. Being able to control your computer with gestures. Sorta like the Wii, but without the remote to hold.
  19. Archkronos

    What would you improve?

    A better way to report abuse. I've had no word on a abuse report I sent in a few days ago. Although the site appears to be dead.
  20. Archkronos

    Who likes the New Google Chrome

    It's in Baby Blue and the logo looks like a giant multicoloured pokeball. This alone makes me want to steer clear until I can theme it or whatever. Opera works for me anyway. Shame it sucks on Linux.