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  1. bigrob77

    PHP Error

    Hello, I am getting the following error on my site... Error Number: 1129 Host '' is blocked because of many connection errors; unblock with 'mysqladmin flush-hosts' Requested URI: The update in the Service Alerts section of the forums...
  2. bigrob77

    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours...

    My domain, is still auto-forwarding to
  3. bigrob77

    !!!READ NOW! - An Error Has Occurred!!!!! DO NOT POST!

    Account error I don't have access to post in the other posts about this error, so I'll post it here.... I get this error when trying to login into to my cPanel... Thank you for you help -Rob
  4. bigrob77

    A Cool download site with the latest software!

    Is there anything other than SourceForge for open source software? I originally thought they were the main page for open source.
  5. bigrob77

    Hello all!

    I'm new to the place, wasn't aware that I need to post in the forums for my account to remain active... silly me, so I decided the best place to start would be to introduce myself. I'm Rob, nice to meet everyone. I live in Tampa,FL. I enjoy PC gaming and watching football. I came to this site to...