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  1. necteraaus

    Tech Ideas Site

    Thanks guys. I'll try and add what has been said. :biggrin:
  2. necteraaus

    Tech Ideas Site

    Ok thanks for the comments guys. But what could I do to improve it? I really need some help here. Thanks.
  3. necteraaus

    Howz this???

    I agree, the banner is a bit, well, unprofessional, and that lets the site down a bit. It's probably a bit of a hassle, but try and change hosting, or upgrade to a banner free plan. That would help a lot. Keep it up.
  4. necteraaus

    Get 10 credits for 5 second work

    I wish I could say yes, but alas, I had to say no. The main content loaded reasonably quickly, nothing extraordinary, but for the whole page to load, it did take a while, and as far as I can see there's not that much to load up :S Anyways, I have voted. :biggrin:
  5. necteraaus

    How do you came to know about x10?

    Well, I found out after trying loads of other not-up-to-scratch hosting services, most of which were found of a free web hosting directory. I also found x10 there, and it had one of the best scores (I think it was 2nd). There was one other host, and I tried them, but their signup process was...
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    Welcome Dt Master! Enjoy your stay, follow the rules and have a great time :D If you need any help, drop in a post, and we'll see what we can do.
  7. necteraaus

    Please offer your opinions

    Don't worry about it :biggrin: I'm here to help. Make sure you tell us when you've updated the site, so we can have another look. If you want to, you could also give me some Rep :cool: That would be nice :biggrin: (You do that if someone's helped you, and it's the in the bottom left...
  8. necteraaus

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Sweet man :biggrin: Was that the student discount? or the full AUD$400 retail? I wish I could get the student discount.....
  9. necteraaus

    game: kill the above user

    You get run over by an Evil Teddy driving a monster truck while bending down to pick up a $5 note.... BTW, just to put it in context, a recent nickname of mine is Evil Teddy :P lol
  10. necteraaus

    Which is best free webmail ?

    I voted Gmail, only because of it's large storage, Google integration and no ads in emails. I would use Hotmail as it's better suited to Live Messenger, which I use often, but I figured out how to use my Gmail for that, so I'm almost completely happy :biggrin: lol
  11. necteraaus

    Tech Ideas Site

    Thanks for the feedback. I would get but unfortunately it is taken for a site with what seems like no purpose, but anyway. is free, so I'll look into that. Just wondering, what could I do to improve the score? Lol, I added the OpenID as a test thing really, and to make...
  12. necteraaus

    Web Design Portfolio Mudith Parakkrama

    Looks great, only problem is with the text colour, which has been mentioned before, but other than that it looks really, really nice :biggrin:
  13. necteraaus

    20 credits to register

    I have signed up - user name necteraaus Looks good :) Edit: Have received credits, thankyou
  14. necteraaus

    How much RAM do you have?

    Well on my main machine (Sony Laptop) I have 2 gb of RAM, and that is usually ok, but I'm thinking more might help when I'm working with large images. Still, 2 gb and Windows 7 = a general charm :biggrin: Vista is slightly different...... lol
  15. necteraaus

    Amateur Site

    Well, my advice is basically the same as what everyone has said before, so I won't repeat it. But I must say that I like the header :biggrin: It's cool! It will be interesting to see what kind of content goes in it, as sometimes that can make the colour scheme seem not quite right. Anyway, hope...
  16. necteraaus

    Tech Ideas Site

    Hey all, just wondering if you could check out my site and see what you think. Basically, it's where I put my ideas that I come up with, and I'm trying to actually get some of these to market. I will keep on adding ideas as I get them (there's another one that's about to go up in a day or two)...
  17. necteraaus

    Please offer your opinions

    No problem. I was just searching on Google to try and find an image to explain, so I'm not sure if it is copyright free. Try looking around on image sites such as for abstract like images. I found this one while looking for a background for my site...
  18. necteraaus

    Hi Every Body!

    Welcome. You should be right at home here :biggrin: Have a great time.
  19. necteraaus

    Please offer your opinions

    Well, what made me think it was a bit rushed was mainly the navigation menu at the side; it is blocky (well it is a rectangle, lol) and is a bit too long compared to what's actually in it. Well, the colour scheme seems to suit those kinds of books quite well, but maybe you could have like a...
  20. necteraaus

    Review My website please

    Well, I agree with you there Cloud9creations, it is bland, and to me, it doesn't make use of the space well. Maybe you could have just one whole frame, instead of 2 (I think there's 2, but the 2nd isn't being used currently). Not much I can help you with though, I prefer making and designing...