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  1. VPmase

    mod_rewrite help please? :D

    Read this tutorial. It will help you a lot. Don't just scan it, read the entire thing btw.
  2. VPmase

    Simple HTML tag - need some help

    You should use CSS. Using div's and specific id's you can manipulate your pages with one script.
  3. VPmase

    Preloading images with Js - body onload or buttom of page?

    Using a small variable and then clearing later doesn't hurt.
  4. VPmase

    Ads script problems

    We would be able to help you a lot better if you post the exact errors in your post. Most errors tell you where the mistake is.
  5. VPmase

    how to make some text in web page visible after 20 sec.

    Here is a quick script: In your <head> tags put this: <script> function cDown(x, wrd){ if(x>0){ setTimeout(cDown(x-1, wrd), 1000); } else { document.getElementById('hideText').innerHTML = "Hidden word: " + wrd; } And put this in your body tag so it looks like [code]<body onload="cDown('20'...
  6. VPmase

    Clicking links on google-like map (IE7 problem)

    IE ver: var newleft = dx + e.screenX - x; var newtop = dy + e.screenY- y; Your ver: var newleft = dx + e.clientX - x; var newtop = dy + e.clientY - y; IE uses e.screenX/Y not e.clientX/Y
  7. VPmase

    Clicking links on google-like map (IE7 problem)

    Older IE's use a different var then FF, Chrome, and the newer IE's from what I've looked up. Add this somewhere above your functions. micro = Browser.indexOf("Microsoft"); Then change to if (temp.className == "dragclass") { // ... set dragging to true and check...
  8. VPmase

    Help about mySQL

    How is it not working? What code did you use? Did you create a database for it? Did you make sure you used the correct MySQL info for it? You need to be more specific on everything pretty much.
  9. VPmase

    Filezilla not connecting to website! Need help!

    You may want to open a support ticket.
  10. VPmase

    web page error

    Your PHP script has some errors in it and can't connect to your MySQL Database. You need to change some stuff around to get it to work.
  11. VPmase

    How upload my files in different directoy???

    Why don't you login to your CPanel and upload them from there? Go to your account panel and click Login to CPanel then when you log in find File Manager and use that.
  12. VPmase

    Custom AJAX Upload Script

    Script down then. PM if you want it. I will fix that issue first.
  13. VPmase

    The best site I ever Surfed! is a fun and well made website. I also like
  14. VPmase

    Custom AJAX Upload Script

    I was bored this week so I decided to make a few ajax scripts. I just finished my upload script and soon, hopefully, I can merge it with an ajax gallery script ;) Script down... This script is for sale, just 50 credits for the script. Or 100 if you would like me to implement it into your site.
  15. VPmase

    Chopin database connection error Something similar to this?
  16. VPmase

    Access Denied for User - MySQL connect

    This is what shows up now: "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." Problem fixed, thank you very much.
  17. VPmase

    Access Denied for User - MySQL connect

    Yes, i even created a new user for it. Those methods still didnt work. As of right now its saying the backends are down.
  18. VPmase

    Access Denied for User - MySQL connect

    I gave my user all privileges to my sql database and it says access denied for user. I'm using localhost as my db host. mase @ chopin Now it says "#07000(proxy) all backends are down".... Now it switched back to access denied... Guess its gonna go back and forth...
  19. VPmase

    My Choosen Domain is Availiable?

    Ive had my subdomain for a while now and when I went to my site it said that my domain is availiabe. I logged into my x10Hosting account and my account is in good standing and it says my link is but when I click that link it still goes to the domain availiable page...
  20. VPmase

    JavaScript RegEx $1 Tokens

    Where does the $1 come in other than that line?