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  1. NeonWarrior

    ad-enhanced complaint

    i dont know of these packages, but ill look into the, thanks
  2. NeonWarrior

    ad-enhanced complaint

    the website i run using x10 is aimed to have young people browsing it, now normally im quite happy with the banners that appear and dont usually cause any concern, but latelty the banners have been flashing online casinos and "the dumb quiz" and im not happy with them, i wouldnt want my child to...
  3. NeonWarrior


    what is a TOS?
  4. NeonWarrior


    i have a friend who is looking to make his own website, i have told him that i know a free webhost (x10) and hes interested but wants to know if he can use nukePhP, it has to be installed so i thought it would be a no go, but im asking on his behalf to the admins or anyone with knowledge, can he...
  5. NeonWarrior

    Source SDK/Hammer

    is anyone experienced in SDK? if so are you good with outside maps and lighting, such as sunlight, cuz i cant make it work and need a little help :D
  6. NeonWarrior

    Hammer World Editor

    im learning to use it and its going good, but does anyone know how to export the file to a TF2 playable map? i can only save as VMF or DXT, i need a BSP i think or BZ2 i dunno xD all i know is it isnt VMF, so any help is appreciated oh and if anyone knows where to find some good tut's please...
  7. NeonWarrior

    FTP unable to upload

    i keep getting an error when upload, just tells me access was denied, when i havnt changed any info, and my FTP service is up, any ideas?
  8. NeonWarrior


    who plays and what kind of map is your favorite :D i like surf maps lately, there pretty fun as long as people dont spawn camp :mad:
  9. NeonWarrior

    Appache is down

    just so you all know xD im sure it will be back up soon <3
  10. NeonWarrior

    anyone know whats happening here? by simply missing out www i get an older version of my index page, which is odd because it had the logo which i uploaded last night, but not the updates which i just did where ass the www site is up to speed, anyone know why?
  11. NeonWarrior

    The new macbook air

    quite frankly in my opinion, ridiculous, much like the iPhone, basically a statement of "look what we can do" it has little practicality, of its good for journalists, but no disk drive? please we need disk drives..gamers do at least...opinions?
  12. NeonWarrior

    holme pier point

    is where i went yesterday, its a man made white water course and is currently englands national water sports centre for its huge regatta, but londond is building one also for the 2012 olympics so it wont be the national one anymore soon enough anway, for anyoe who hasnt been there, dont D: the...
  13. NeonWarrior

    why was i banned from the gaming forums?

    You have been banned for the following reason: No reason was specified. Date the ban will be lifted: Never i made 1 post in the introduction section, Pandrix welcomed me and agreed to my question of how do we get into the steam group, and chris said if we give our ID's hell invite us, i log...
  14. NeonWarrior

    Exim & DNS

    what do they do? :D
  15. NeonWarrior

    FTP STILL unable to connect

    Xemnas you were wrong -.- i followed the link and stolli is up and running, i jsut cant connect, no offence but maybey you should make sure before closing down a topic that is needed, because i still cant connect through FTP
  16. NeonWarrior

    FTP unable to connect

    is stoli down?
  17. NeonWarrior

    unreal tournament

    anyone play it? or a game that uses the engine at last, not the latest game, cuz ive made a level for college as an assignment and were gunna import all the levels to Ued 2k4 to play them, ive made a CTF map and want to know if when this happens does anyone want the map to play and tell me what...
  18. NeonWarrior

    about this forum every 2 week business

    are we required to post on the forums everty 2 weeks? or jsut log in? because ive got it to set me to log in automatically, so as soon as the forum comes up im logged in, is that enought o keep my account active or do ineed to post? this is a serious question but also a sneaky way to keep my...
  19. NeonWarrior

    site not appearing/workig

    is trolli down?
  20. NeonWarrior

    hmm, whats this?

    whats tis new "level 2" support all about eh, sounds snazzy haha