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  1. bhor2brothers

    Free Accounts Upgraded

    wow :D thanks! i really love it.
  2. bhor2brothers

    New to Website Design

    wow! i must say! really great web.. i like how cool & simple it is. keep up the good work man. ;D
  3. bhor2brothers

    Looking for Logo

    In my opinion.. Use Adobe Photoshop & look for a "how to make a logo for website" guide somewhere in the net.. there are really good tuts around. & you can really make cool logo's ;D good day!
  4. bhor2brothers

    Some Of My Work

    yup.. really nice ;D simple but elegant.. hope to see more of your works. what are you using in making those? Adobe PS?
  5. bhor2brothers

    tell me what you think

    layout looks messy for me ;D not really that good.. but people starts from not good right? simple looking styles w/ white theme are the best in my opinion.