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  1. cresco

    I can't log in to cPanel-- the username/password I've always used are rejected!

    Hello, Since the migration to Chopin I haven't been able to log in to cPanel with the username and password I've always used. Actually, when cPanel first pops up and before I enter anything at all there is red text reporting a failure to log in (this was present from the very first time I...
  2. cresco

    cpanel login attempt giving a 404 error

    Ah yes, I can login with that link. Do you know if the old method I detailed above will ever work again? Thanks
  3. cresco

    cpanel login attempt giving a 404 error

    Hello, Since the account migration I have not been able to log in to my cpanel. When I type the URL as I did before the migration I get: Not Found The requested URL /cpanel was not found on this server. Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was...
  4. cresco

    my site has been down for quite a few days...

    Hello, My site has been down since approximately last Wednesday (June 9th). I'm guessing the downtime is due to the changeover in software/servers discussed here but I would like to make sure there isn't another problem. When do you expect people experiencing...
  5. cresco

    Forum-account relink required

    ESCALATION NECESSARY - Please relink my hosting and forum accounts. Forum account username: cresco Hosting account cPanel username: joeff2 Since the x10hosting site's overhaul my account panel refuses to recognize me, rejecting my email, cPanel username + password, and forum username +...
  6. cresco

    Get indexed in Google, Yahoo and Windows Live

    Thanks so much for the tips everyone! I was beginning to grow impatient with Google's spiders, but hopefully now they will find me with greater ease. I'll give the sitemap a shot as well and see how that goes. Cheers!