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  1. mavr1c

    FTPError: 552 Disk full

    I too have the same problem. Disk full trying to ftp to I first noticed the problem yesterday but seeing the problem reported I assumed it would be handled in the usual timely manner. 19 hours so far and no solution.
  2. mavr1c

    Can not access Files in File Manager in Cpanel

    At one time logging in to C-panel showed statistics on the left and tools on the right. Logging in NOW shows Username: Your domain: A few months ago after each login clicking Access cPanel said You don't have any websites added but clicking on Domains displays the Domain and public_html below...
  3. mavr1c

    Lost Access

    Login successful (redirect fails) however accessing Cpanel produces the following error message.The security token in your request is invalid.I hope this helps someone resolve the issue.
  4. mavr1c

    Lost Access

    Unable to access Cpanel and FTP to my account on VOX ( but the site is avaibale.I see nothing posted to indicate anything is beind done to prevent access.
  5. mavr1c

    How to program a navigation menu in Php?

    Great thread of support! I too have a dilema that has been beyond solution. Once a navigation menu is created I have to include it in every page (over 40 pages) and even the most modest change i.e. a typo or an addition necessitates editing each and every page. Is there a way to imbed or call...
  6. mavr1c

    Account suspended

    I received the following message with the suspension notice "Violation of x10hosting's terms of service. A criminally fraudulent phishing site attempting to deceive visitors through masquerading as a trustworthy entity was uploaded." Quite frankly I have no idea what possibly could have...
  7. mavr1c

    Improved communication required

    There seems to be a lack of communication to clients about outages. News and Announcements or Service Alerts would be ideal places to indicate outages to service, yet there is no current information provided in either forum despite known system outages. One entery in Service Alerts could...
  8. mavr1c

    My Environmental Friendly Website

    Looks good to me!
  9. mavr1c

    Manage my Account on Service Alerts window

    Thanks for the update. The link should be updated on the panel. I still can't acces my account even after logging in and still unable to FTP. I see no reference to service(s) being unavailable. Some days ago there was a report of Cpanel problems but indications are that all has been...
  10. mavr1c

    Manage my Account on Service Alerts window

    For some time now when selcting Manage my Account On the Service Alerts page it goes to a 404 error, page not found and also opens a YAHOO serch panel in a separate browser tab:confused:
  11. mavr1c

    Lost updates - Just for awareness!

    I am creating this ticket ONLY to let you know that some files that were updated (Chopin) yesterday after 4:30 P.M. EDT vanished by this morning (5:30 A.M.). I have replaced the missing and backlevel files but others may be experiencing similar problems and there must be a valid reason for the...
  12. mavr1c

    Need current system staus available

    My site is unavailable again and this is happening frequently sometimes for an hour sometimes for many many hours yet no information is avaibale anywhere why this is happening. I suggested before that ANY known outage should immediatly be posted in Service Alerts or some other location commonly...
  13. mavr1c

    Spreading Reputation Recognition of Merit

    Your bat, your ball, your game but this is nonsense. If someone keeps posting value they are deprived of getting credit. Perhaps the system was abused as described by Cory but if you prevent recognition the system sucks. I recently noted someone wondering why the sytem was slow at times - 3...
  14. mavr1c

    Spreading Reputation Recognition of Merit

    I have tried a couple of times to rcognise the merits of a post only to be told "YOU MUST" spread reputation around before user XXXXX. How silly can this get? Many post grbage day in day our or reply without understanding the question yet when you recognise the merits of a post you are...
  15. mavr1c

    Free Software Suggestions

    Software Category: Text Editor Software Name: EditPad Lite Short Description: Edit unlimited number of files in a ring (tabbed editing) The FREE version is amazing but as usual there is a PRO version with worthwhile added features. I have tried many but this one is my hands down favourite...
  16. mavr1c

    Speedup your web-browser using a ram disk as your cahce folder

    A most interesting and useful solution! Thanks for the info, I will certainly giveit a try and see how it improves the browsing experienece. It would have been nice to see some benchmarking compariosons between the Disk and RAMDrive experinece! You have done your bit by identifying the...
  17. mavr1c

    Websites down

    At least your message is informative and contains facts instead of pointers to obsure on non specific information. The latest info is that Chopin is up and running. Absolut is work in progress, anticipated completion is this weekend. ( I am NOT a support volunteer just trying to ease the...
  18. mavr1c

    Websites down

    Keep coughing but you are proving the last two points! NOTHING in Upadets except that the two referenced servers are DONE (Chopin and Absolut) and should be working, yet accounts on both are down. Not sure what the cough was for but better take something for it! This type of post is a wate...
  19. mavr1c

    Websites down

    The most frustrating part is there seems to be many places one needs to search rather a single point of contact for outages. I got a note that its all done on Chopin 2 days ago and yet its all down again today and I have yet to stumble on why!? I guess it would be too simple to have a single...
  20. mavr1c

    Chopin - Announcement

    If you are referring to "Lotus, Stoli, and Chopin will be upgraded shortly. If there are no issues it should take less then 20 minutes." Posted Feb. 26th I guess you are covered. Regardless anyone involved with system management knows to post current sytem problems in the one place they set...