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    D@MN it all...I missed my shot at The Title by maybe 6 hours!! If the power hadn't gone out, I would have triumphed over Mr. DOS no less. *weeps* I'll be back.
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    Page update, thoughts please

    Of course, wander through the whole mess if you like, but this is the specific page I've just updated: I really just updated the content, I didn't change formatting or anything. The site is about model horse collecting and miniature...
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    Good grief, feeling like a Senior Citizen myself now, LOL, realizing how long it's been. Do I even want to ask if anyone else here ever had a website on Geocities...? :p I came here after The Lights Went Out In SoHo, and never looked back. :rolleyes: Great thread for members to post THANKS to...
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    Review my website

    Well, the forum discussion categories are a little broad... ;o)
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    Simple Site needs Simple Review :o)

    Thank you. The site is image intensive by design, so suggestions on how I can keep the pics from performing like sea anchors is much appreciated. :o)
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    Simple Site needs Simple Review :o)

    Just did a bit of updating, page polishing (I hope), and basic cobweb clearing. I'm asking now for extra eyes to catch any finer points I missed (like typos...erk) and general feedback on style and navigation. Is it easy on the eyes? Easy to get around? Does it makes sense, as much as a website...
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    Your Username

    My best friend picked it for me, for my model horse "hobby name", off a map: Red Oak Mountain (yes, it exists, lol). We decided after I moved from west coast to east that my previous stable name of "El Rancho Del Los Caballitos", the Little Horse Horse Ranch, might not be as well understood. I...
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    Does a Prime Account no longer "stop" the inactivity clock?

    Just wondering. I signed up for Prime a long time ago, and for the first time ever got an inactivity warning in my email. I don't mind checking in at the forums regularly - it's a great community! - just wondering why I'm getting a warning now after so long (I've been with X10 for years)...
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    Should I keep up a site that is incomplete?

    Honestly, I think a good, interesting website is NEVER truly finished. Keeping content updated and fresh is what brings visitors back. *looks at long non-updated website* Erm, yep.... *slinks back under desk*
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    Facebook deems X10Hosting Community links unsafe

    @thehave3 and anyone else interested in a more secure cellphone solution: check out Blackphone, at httpsCOLON//wwwDOTblackphoneDOTch/ Gotta a friend, retired Team guy, who's deep into the project and calls it true. I believe him; I'd jump out of a plane with that dude (how's that for trust...
  11. redoakranch

    Facebook deems X10Hosting Community links unsafe

    I've long considering Facebook to be unsafe, so here's to a delicious dose of irony that is so good for the blood. :rofl:
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    Trophy points...?

    I saw I had 2 trophies when I logged into the forums this morning - not a bad way to start a Monday!
  13. redoakranch

    Forum Switch

    Agreed, this looks nice and shiny. :)
  14. redoakranch

    Have you played Resident Evil 4 Game?

    Haven't tried that one;usually when I have the time to play a game, I don't have energy left for much more than Solitaire, lol. I do play Runescape once in a great while. Any other grownups here like to work on their Mage levels? ;-D
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Firefox across platforms, with Seamonkey as my backup or to switch just for a change of scenery. I like having the Seamonkey web composer so easily at hand. I'm hoping the Camino project fires back up someday.
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    What is your job?

    I am a former corporate IT drone turned free-lance consultant & data recovery Angel. ;o) I'm also a licensed real state agent, though mostly hubby deals with the clients (he's an agent too). I just deal with him & watch my hair turn grey. lol
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    I technically don't HAVE to log in to the forums (at least for a year), but the forums here are friendly enough I like to stop in and say howdy anyway. Props to x10 for supporting that kind of a welcoming community. :-) I hope all here have a safe end enjoyable holiday season!
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    Osama Bin Laden is dead!

    Amen to that, johnssonm. Amen.
  19. redoakranch

    Calling all users on the "Starka" server

    Re: x10hosting have performed magic again No problem here getting into cPanel *knocks wood* and my photo-heavy site loaded FAST on my aging little Mac. Good work! - Peg
  20. redoakranch

    New Year

    Happy New Year to the x10 community! May you have new joys and triumphs, all the good things of 2010 become even better - and the other stuff get left behind. ;-D