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  1. pulse__xx

    Sysque Studios 2007

    As you all may have noticed, my whole webpage is now done in flash. Unfortunately im not finished with the new website, but its coming very soon!! Some of the things ive changed: full navigational flash website, valid xhtml strict coding, a new look, 3d dimensional rendering, progressive...
  2. pulse__xx

    Amazing Video
  3. pulse__xx

    Want free ipods, Laptops, or maybe even something more?

    Visit !!!!! THIS WEBSITE WORKS!! I just recieved a totally free Macbook ($1999) Value, absouloutely free.... All I had to do was complete 1 online offer cancel that offer before they billed me (i chose blockbuster online) which had a free trial and i quit before they...
  4. pulse__xx

    Sysque Studios sponser of (RED).

    Please go to, and become a part of (RED). Im now an official sponser, and you can learn more either at, or Thanks, Chris
  5. pulse__xx

    Nevlo Corporation -- Say goodbye to Microsoft.

    My new operating system, will revolutionize the world of technology., is coming soon.
  6. pulse__xx

    Install ASP on Cpanel Easy as 1-2-3

    Install ASP (Apache::ASP) on cPanel Last Updated: 0000-00-00 1. Login to your server via SSH as root. (If you disabled root logins login with your other username, and su...
  7. pulse__xx

    JSP (Java Server Pages) on CPanel

    I want to make all of my pages JSP but im not sure if cpanel supports JSP, my question does it support Jsp and second, is their a way to install jsp on cpanel.
  8. pulse__xx

    Sysque Studios for 2007

    I have completed my artwork for 2007, and I have redesigned the intro page. Please bare with me, the main pages of the website will be finished soon. Sorry for the Inconvienence. Sysque Studios 2007, check it out.
  9. pulse__xx

    Domain Problem

    Problem Fixed. Thanks, Geoff.
  10. pulse__xx

    Macs = Best!

    Get a Mac Today! With No Viruses and Spyware, you'll be in PC HEAVEN!
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  12. pulse__xx

    Sysque Studios Prize 2006

    Pretty soon I will be buying the domain which will feature good web designers, and their websites. The top 3 people will recieve cash prizes, items, and more. The grand prize winner will receive everything, including a invitation to HUGO BOSS 2nd Fashion Show in...
  13. pulse__xx

    Apple Makes it affordable to buy a computer.

    The New Mini Mac on has iLife and has a whole load of features, Im not much of a apple person myself but the design of that thing caught me and If i dont like vista this year, Im getting one of these!
  14. pulse__xx

    Sysque Studios 2006 Version

    I have launched the NEW! 2006 Version of Sysque Studios. I have yet much to change. [ ]
  15. pulse__xx

    Legal/Proxy Usage = Cheating.

    Desi Movies and Sentient on the topsites system on x10hosting, are using a proxy system most likely "HIDE IP" because i was #1 Ranking on topsites and in 1/2minutes they went from (Sentient from 101 to 120) and (Desi Movies) from 63 to 143. Also I must complain that how does "Desi Movies"...
  16. pulse__xx

    Sysque Studios V.5.1.0

    Sysque Studios will finally announce V.5.1.0 BETA! I have been working on this design for weeks and I think I have finally about finished it. Once X10 Server's are back, I will apply the design to the current webpage. Please come and check it out, though I will only have the intro page on the...
  17. pulse__xx

    Live! Sysque Studios FREE Give-Aways!

    Pretty soon, will have all of the current beta's out their! for free. Including Windows Live Messenger Invitations, One Care Invitations, and Windows Vista Build 5270 Download Invitations sponsored by Microsoft and Sony Living. MSDN is letting me have lots of...
  18. pulse__xx

    Letting me design x10's homepage.

    Would you guys like me to redesign the x10hosting homepage then post a link here when im finished and if you like it you'll use it? Its up to all the staff members :)
  19. pulse__xx

    "Custom Error Pages" the function is not in cpanel.

    I was looking for the "Custom Error Pages" button and I don't think its enabled in CPANEL. Can you guys enable it? Nedren Perhaps?
  20. pulse__xx

    Registration for Sysque Studios Forums Activated

    All you have to do is go to Http:// then go to the "registration link." Join Today! :)