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  1. mender42

    Please delete PM in my folder is my account still ok?

    Minor but someone sent me a PM that I don't want in my PM folder. Is there a way to delete it from my account? Second I had a old Magento account/site and I cannot post an answer anymore here. Seems like I could post here, in this forum but cannot any more. Is this post closed thread now...
  2. mender42

    Is this Ad placement OK?

    Corporate. OK the Ad pretty much did not get along with my old template, so I got this one to work. Before I knock myself out with the content, may I get one of the Owners/Admin blessing for the Corporate Ad placement please? Thank You!
  3. mender42

    HDD Full Again?

    Hello Brandon. Saw your posts. I have on Stoli Corporate with Ads User mender1 Forum: mender1 Wow I've been trying to load files since this morning... and it seemed the network was way sloooow (upload at 42kb/sec on a cable network?? ). My ISP has been...
  4. mender42


    Glad to be here. And thank you x10