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  1. engineer54

    C++, PHP, Assembly, Delphi, Java e.t.c Which is most powerful?

    I think we're leaving out a good one, Ajax. But then the only true language that a computer understands is true mackine language. I use PHP quite a bit and C++, JavaScript (not confused with Java). I started out fresh and dumb 30+ years ago writing in HEX and Decimal and compiling it into...
  2. engineer54

    Website creation

    Handcoding is the best way to go. No editors at all just notepad++. The reason that I have never used an 'editor' other than the text based notepad++ is because I want to stay fresh and up-to-date with the constant changes out there. WYSIWYG editors just flatout create too much unnecessary...
  3. engineer54

    WHich is the best Antivirus

    I've test driven all of the GOOD AV programs over the years and Avast beats them all. Get Avast and Mcafee Security Center (not Mcafee AV) going together and you've got a winning combination. No AV will detect everything, but Avast comes close.
  4. engineer54

    Windows XP SP3

    I would be very wary of downloading an important upgrade from MS unless it's made available at their Update site. XP is good but it can't last forever, push Vista out of the way and let's let MS design something that is actually an improvement in security and functionality.
  5. engineer54

    Best Free FTP

    I really have to agree with most everyone, Filezilla just out-performs all of the rest hands down.
  6. engineer54

    Hello from the Southern USA

    I'm just glad to be here! :) My name is Mike and I am a retired Network Engineer. I kinda call myself a hobbyist web designer. My site will be up and going hopefully today and I hope everyone will stop in.