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    x10Hosting Double Everything Special!

    Not sure if I did it right since I have the double all already...are you able to quad it (Doubleallx2)?....
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    Chopin down or something?

    HA HAA! Thanks Bryon!! Works perfect now
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    Chopin down or something?

    Attempted to get to my CPanel, site and everything and it seems it's 404 at the moment. This a server glitch or still a migration issue?
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    Chopin is supposed to be up..but now both Cpanel and my site are down

    Same here....says newchopin instead and CPanel won't log in
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    Here's a quandry!

    Must be my end now, thanks Vishal If someone can, please close this topic
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    Here's a quandry!

    I have a site up here And for some reason, it goes to the "Apache configured" page, but if I go It goes to the correct page! There is no HTACCESS on the subdomain and last time I knew, the regex in the HTACCESS will direct to any index...
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    Catch-all address

    For some reason my catch-all isn't collecting any e-mails. I've dispatched an e-mail from a different address and it still hasn't been retrieved. This was at least an hour ago. I can send through Squirrel but not have any come in
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    Cancelled payment??

    Just check it and it's all set, thanks a lot Corey!
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    Cancelled payment??

    I put a payment in fr the double everythingx2 and in my purchases it says one of them is cancelled....the pre-auth has gone through, so my account has been deducted the $9.90 in total both both packages
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    Suspended for inactivity?

    I was placed on suspension 6 days ago, I submitted a ticket and the account was unsuspended. It's suspended AGAIN 6 days later for being idle for 2 weeks? This doesn't make any sense
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    noob sql question

    Exactly.... By default, yes. SQL servers run on (usually) port 3306. HTTP servers (where your HTML pages are served) are port 80.... Paid hosting is the best, and on X10, affordable as h***. I have the $7.95 a month package and is well worth the money a month. Correct (not the hard drive...
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    A stumper - SHTML

    OK, sorry for the slow many things going on and just finally got back to see the post....I'll just have to teach him a little....gonna be fun :P
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    Licking down directories

    What I think the original topic is with this:
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    A stumper - SHTML

    What I'm trying to achieve is specified pages, with simplified syntax TO them pages....for embedding affiliates, things like that into it, without hard coding any PHP or Javascript to them.....I have a guy that doesn't know much about web design, and he needs some simple tags to be able to put in
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    A stumper - SHTML

    How do you insert banner ads, and things of that nature into pages, using SHTML? I'll give an example: Page 1, having a commented HTML string, like this <!-- #bannerads --> Now, replace that with 1) A banner ad....duhhhh 2) After 1 visit, the banner goes away for an entire day. I'm figuring...
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    htaccess mod_rewrite help

    These are JUST the pages you need! I looked into it, and it's good to use if you want a directory-like site The best to understand it would be the SitePoint link. That...
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    Might be the browser? I'm normally running Firefox, but if IE works, it would be nice to SEE what the page looks like at least :P
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    Still blank on my end
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    Contact.php Email Form Not Emailing

    Well, something new to remember! I know X10 provides e-mail, so that's another option.....don't have to go far for what you need here It's probably best to bookmark W3Schools, located all over this forum, and keep that on hand, in case you do stuck again
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    Sub-account access?

    Right, that's exactly what I mean....I know there are a lot of non-advanced users, and CPanel can get overwhelming to people who don't know what some of the functions really are.....and don't need to know :P I know the FTP access works, but of course, for some of the newbie developers, FTP is...