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    Things We're Working On

    Thanks for the info guys. All the best for your efforts......
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    Delete account

    Kindly delete my account. cPanel name: aspasia Plan where you are (Adenhanced or Adfree): adenhanced - stoli (x) Mark this with an X. This will show us that you have done your BACKUP and we can delete your hosting account.
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    Same sob story

    I've been trying to login to my account at x10. Can't do that and can't access my site or the APACHE either. Have submitted a ticket, but haven't got a reply yet. This has been going on for the last 4-5 days, ever since the transfer. Please help soon. cPanel username: apsasia URL...
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    Unable to login to cpanel and 404 Error

    I'm on Stoli and can't access my site ever since the transfer. I'm unable to login to cpanel and the site shows up a 404 error. Please help! cpanel username: aspasia URL:
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    Overall Updates

    Am tremendously excited by the current info. Just can't wait to see all the action in process! :D
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    Hope the updates get things moving this time. Guess all of us will be relieved! :) Keep the good work going. :D
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    Bonjour! from Montreal

    Hi there and welcome to x10hosting! Am new here and am already enjoying myself. Nice looking site, though I only understood what 'le monde' means - dunno French! :) Do visit when you can.
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    Hello from Jamaica

    Hi Xenjin, welcome into the fold. Am new in the field myself and am already enjoying my ride! :) Hope you have a great time too. Please visit when you can.
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    Hi all!

    Thanks a lot! :)
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    500 Internal Server Error

    Oh, thanks so much. Your suggestion worked out just great! :)
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    500 Internal Server Error

    I uploaded all the required files to the server, but explorer gives me a 500 Internal Server Error. How do I solve this problem? URL - Username - aspasia
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    Hi all!

    :cool:Am a newbie here. Am still exploring this mini planet and trying to learn as much as I can! Just though I'd drop in a hello to you all in the meantime! Check out when you can.