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  1. iamspix

    CloudFlare Partnership

    it aint working..for about 1 aint working at all for about 3 moths... in the first 2 months..well the first time i used it..cdn aint working..then now..its totally not working... too sad...
  2. iamspix

    CLOUDFLARE SUPPORT PLEASE!, im not getting any help

    Im getting this error, and more likely our provider sucks in terms of the cloudflare service..just tell me if it cant work this time, coz im not receiving any help
  3. iamspix

    X10hosting and cloudflare

    up, bump..can anyone answer this question
  4. iamspix

    X10hosting and cloudflare

    Its true that cloud access is now on x10hosting but still not working fully... x10hosting dns fails when connecting to cloud access... so we can't use the cdn functionality of cloud access.. so what is it for...can you help me configure w3 total cache or even the wp super cache... if you think...
  5. iamspix

    New to x10! Me!!

    Hello guys, i am Joey Hipolito, 18 yrs. old, and i'm from Philippines, the free hosting of your site gives me the best chance to create my own website,, i'm good at photoshop, a little in flash, good in html, but my problem is im still a newbie in building a site,... i never started PHP, SQL...