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    Holy Angels

    I decided to start my own gaming clan. It will be similar to Clan PMS, but we will allow anyone to join, not just girls. This clan, which I have decided to name Holy Angels, will play all games for all consoles and PC. We will allow our members to be in other clans, so if you're already a member...
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    Please review my site.

    Thanks, there are other skins with other logos you can choose using the drop down box at the bottom.
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    Please review my site. If you don't like the default skin, you can choose from a number of other ones. You have to register to view the board, this not only keeps out spammers, but also upholds the privacy of our members.
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    Lyoko Haven

    I made my own forum a couple months ago. We have sections for video games, movies, books, TV, music, sports, fashion, and you can discuss just about anything want. We could really use some more active members, and anyone is welcome to join. We reached two milestones yesterday, we achieved and...
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    What if we had forums in the 1990s?

    Left 4 Dead in ur sig, cool
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    What if we had forums in the 1990s?

    Okay, now just imagine if they had modern 21st century forums in the 1990s, like IPB, phpBB, vBulletin, myBB, and others. I do realize that they had message boards back in the 1990s, and that they are the successors to bulletin boards, but in the 1990s they primarily consisted of one long list...
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    My site isn't loading.
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    What are you going to be when you graduate high school?

    It is said that most people have atleast 5-6 occupations throughout the course of their life, what do you want to spend your life on, or are considering? I'm considering the following: video game designer I've already created a video game, a Star Trek fan-game, perhaps you've heard of it, Star...
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    a suggestion for the forums

    Pardon me, but could you please add a forum about zeppelins? For if one were to feel compelled to discuss zeppelins, one would more-definitely than not, enjoy discussing the various aspects of zeppelin. Might I suggest you add some sub-forums of the soon-to-be zeppelin forum as well? These...
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    site won't load
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    I appear to have been using the wrong password all-along, lol. I got it now, but for some reason I can't change my e-mail.
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    How to not get your account suspended:

    Set as your homepage, that way whenever you start your web browser, you automatically have your activity renewed. Please note that this won't work on Internet Explorer or other unsophisticated web browsers that don't let you stay logged-in across sessions.
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    502 Service Temporarily Unavailable Getting that error.
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    cPanel is still down

    Why don't they fix it?
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    What trickery is this?

    How can I set my zone name to be "" instead of ""? I need it to be "" not "".
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    I need help with (not x10hosting)

    What the ****? Do you even read pots before replying to them vishal2?
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    I need help with (not x10hosting)

    I'm stuck at this screen.
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    SQL is temporarily down?
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    I'm also selling my NES.

    I'm going to sell my Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), plus accessories and games for it. The system, accessories, and games are all in good working condition. I'm selling all of this for $800. Please note that due to it being virtually unavailable world-wide, I'm selling Dudes With...