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  1. tomtiger11

    Where are the VPS "dedicated" plans?

    I think the D* Packages went with the update a few months ago?
  2. tomtiger11

    Installing game servers on your VPS

    I meant, he says 'is extremely recommended', I was saying that you have to have a D* package.
  3. tomtiger11

    Can't Submit Suspension Appeal

    Hello, I beleve management are aware and are fixing the issue.
  4. tomtiger11

    VPS Faq

    First, this is a little Faq page, for users to see the 'Frequently Asked Questions,' and ask some new questions to add here! 1) Ive installed Kloxo, whats next? The next step is to go to your VPS's IP, using port 7778 eg. The default Login details are 'admin' without the quotes...
  5. tomtiger11

    Please review my site.

  6. tomtiger11

    VPS newbie questions

    Well, it still depends on the script, but with a not-very intensive script, it should be fine!
  7. tomtiger11

    Installing game servers on your VPS

    tdoyle, You have to have an x10VPS D* package to host a web server :P
  8. tomtiger11

    Free VPS Trial

    A ready made site put up telling you what has been installed would be nice. so apache & php would be a good idea.