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  1. cdgvbmu

    Suspended account - need addon domain removed

    I have a suspended account that is marked for deletion. My problem is, one of the sites I was hosting on my account needs to be transferred back to my home machine, and my DNS provider is having a hard time propagating the change when your server still has my DNS attached to it...
  2. cdgvbmu

    Account suspension - vbulletin license issue

    Sorry to bring up this dead issue. Could you please remove the add-on domain '' from the account, my dns wont let me transfer it to a separate host if your servers still have it attached to an account here.
  3. cdgvbmu

    Account suspension - vbulletin license issue

    Fair enough... now to have a serious talk with my friend for getting my account deleted.... he's got some hell coming his way...
  4. cdgvbmu

    Account suspension - vbulletin license issue

    After some careful debate with my supplier, I found out this was a nulled script. Could you kindly delete the account and I'll re-create the other site I had either here on a new account or go elsewhere (or host from my own machine... which i really didn't want to do)
  5. cdgvbmu

    Account suspension - vbulletin license issue

    My account was suspended for vbulletin license # missing from my files. The folder was given to me for testing by a friend. I have no bearing on what is contained in the folders. To resolve this, the 'bvs' subdirectory and '' addon domain can be removed and I'll...
  6. cdgvbmu

    Should We Migrate to Mac From Windows

    I actually debated this some time ago. I ended up dual-booting Ubuntu10.10 and Win7Pro with Ubuntu as my primary. I've never went the way of Mac because initial investment. With linux you can keep your existing hardware. There is a bit of a learning curve, but there are several package managers...
  7. cdgvbmu

    How much RAM do you have?

    2gb on my drafting machine, 1gb on my wife's photo machine, 718mb on my web-development/company laptop
  8. cdgvbmu

    Server down

    stoli still down (unless im going crazy) It would help to have some admin input on this instead of speculation from member/user accts
  9. cdgvbmu

    13 free & very useful php/mysql scripts

    nice scripts. i might ue the Maian Friends script somewhere. The others I don't have much use for.
  10. cdgvbmu

    Stoli down again?

    I'm getting this same thing happened yesterday
  11. cdgvbmu

    stoli server internal error

    site back to normal.. -.- sorry for the pointless support post. please close this thread
  12. cdgvbmu

    stoli server internal error

    cpanel is back up but url not connecting
  13. cdgvbmu

    stoli server internal error

    Before this error popped up my site layout had a database error about my .frm database file missing. When trying to log into my CP at stoli server I get the following error: not sure what can cause this. i havent had a problem with any of my linux hosts before, or any of my linux boxes at...
  14. cdgvbmu

    what is your favourite online game? ^^ we're hooked on combat arms as well The only thing i dont like about combat arms is all the hackers. why cant they just use their own skills? afraid to lose?:nuts: