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    Text speech is annoying and rude

    This is not an official language yet, but it may be. It's how the kids learn to write on their cell phones. No doubt 95% of them are teenagers. What we need is a key and official guidelines, because at the moment it's anarchy. I find it so retro now, and a sure sign of illiteracy, and a...
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    Forum game <King of the hill>

    After I manage to slow the earths rotation using a system of strategically placed gyroscopes, thus creating a 32 hour day, causing everyone to become disoriented and develop irregular sleeping habits. During your state of drowsiness, Mr montana, me and my team of evil deliquents sneak up...
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    Turn the PC off or leave it on?

    The worst thing for circuit boards is temperature variations, especially if the physical environment is cold. Switching on and off is not good for soldered contact points. And I've heard of hard drive platters breaking due to a cold start. My PCs are generally on all the time, if not in use I...
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    CSS help

    ".menuitem_over" is the selector name for an element which is defined somewhere else in the script / code as a hover function.
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    RAte my SIte....

    Your not getting the most out of that dreamweaver are you. Hard to read 'about me'. I had to highlight it.
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    How is my website?

    Too much monochrome green, looks very retro.
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    Please Rate it.

    8/10, very neat. 1 demerit point for lack of graphic content. 1 demerit point as it took forever to load.
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    International USER1 Society previiew

    I've been working on a design for a site, it's purpose is yet unclear, and is just a static demo at the moment, for a visual preview, as I do not yet understand how input forms work exactly. It was just gonna be like a site I could visit with all my 'favorites'...
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    Howdy folks, JoN, 32, screwing around with PC's for 20 years, still learning internet stuff, CCNA in progress, Red Hat Linux Admin, System support. Playing with web and layout design on the side. This site takes a while to get familiar with, so many options, pretty comprehensive though.
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    Pictures of your computer

    Pic 1 is my bedroom office...... pic 2 is the internet room.
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    Where is the upload link?

    Cool, finally works now. My username tends to be an issue on some sites, which is understandable. First it told me it wasn't allowed, then it accepted user1 and created user1 account, which then wouldn't let me log in. My domain apparently existed, but when I went to preview in browser, it said...
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    Where is the upload link?

    I've been screwing around with making an account and domains for all of four hours, I still can't find an upload files link, or a way to edit my site. Where have they hidden these options? And what is this CP ? I can't log in to it or make a new account. :dunno: