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    Move my website from free to another hosting service

    If you upgrade to one of the paid plans at, x10 will move your website to the new server for you.
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    Unable to get index.html to show

    Your index file works when you use the full URL, However, it looks like your root page is redirecting to another page. What does your .htaccess file look like?
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    HTTPS Update

    As sobakix2 said, Cloudflare is the only option for ssl on x10s free plans. Otherwise, you need a premium account.
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    cPanel Cloudflare Link Error

    Whenever I click the Cloudflare link in cPanel, it redirects to the url: and the page just says "Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel."
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    WordPress question

    In short, is a WordPress hosting business. You are only responsible for the content. They take care of everything else like setup, maintenance, and security updates. is for the open source WordPress software. With, you download the software, choose your...
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    PHP needs updating

    You can change your PHP version manually in your cPanel by clicking on Select PHP Version under the Software category. x10 should really change the default version, as the current default is very outdated and insecure.
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    SQL sort order

    Good to hear! I was kinda scratching my head because I tested the command I posted on a table in my phpAdmin and it worked for me. :D
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    SQL sort order

    Try this. SELECT record_column FROM table_name ORDER BY CASE WHEN record_column is null THEN 1 ELSE 0 END, record_column ASC
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    <htmljoe/> I've wanted to create another website for a while now, but was having a hard time coming up with a theme. So, I've decided to just start a website/blog for myself. At the moment it's lacking a lot of content, but I wanted to get some feedback on it anyway. It's running...
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    Why does it always take so long to login?

    I'm just curious why it always takes a couple minutes to log in on after clicking the "Sign in" button. It doesn't matter what connection I'm on, my 200mbps home connection, or a public wifi. It always takes an unnecessarily long time for the page to load, and...
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    FTP: Disk Full Error

    This is the output from Filezilla whenever I try and upload something: Status: Starting upload of C:\Users\Joe\Desktop\bf4fu.jpg Command: CWD /public_html/images Response: 250 OK. Current directory is /public_html/images Command: TYPE I Response: 200 TYPE is now 8-bit binary Command...
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    Digital Facepunch

    I recently redesigned the entire site from the ground up. Frankly, it was a bit of an eyesore before. :pirate: Also, the website and forums are both mobile-friendly now. I'd like to get your opinions on it again. :)
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    pbpBB Error when posting anything with "music" in the title.

    I have a phpBB forum on my site, and have noticed that if I try and make a post with the word "music" in the title, I get the error No route found for "GET /posting.php". I've googled the error and what I have read is that I may be tripping the host mod_security, and there's nothing I can do on...
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    Digital Facepunch

    I have a couple friends who are into gaming and modding, so I've recently put up a simple website for us. The main theme for the website, besides general gaming, is the science and tech aspects of it. We love finding out how things tick, and what makes things work. I would love if you would...