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    please delete my account

    " Account Deletion Request. Please delete my free hosting account. cPanel Username: jonmlas (x) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after...
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    please delete my account

    because i will create a new and fresh one.
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    I cant see my database!

    i have also experienced that... but i just waited for a few minutes and the server was back again...
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    Best way to earn money - neobux :D

    try using adbrite. it's good.
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    X10hosting is the best free hosting!!!

    All I can say is that i am currently satisfied with the free service x10hosting is providing. More power to you guys!!!
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    My Website is always down!!!

    Damn! But there are some days it is ok. Sometimes it won't load properly. I just hope the move of the servers will be done asap :frown: