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    Password changing headache

    So I changed my password for my account. Oddly this did not change the password for my cPanel account nor my forum account. 1. I went to 2. On the first page that comes up in the "Enter Login Information" box near the left center I typed in my username and (now...
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    Alternative server?

    My website seems to be down very often. Probably due to upgrades and things on the server. Would it be possible to get an account that doesn't have the cPanel, no cgi-bin, no mysql, no nothing extra special. I just want the following: Apache web server No extra modules like deflate or...
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    What would you improve?

    I'd like an e-mail alert warning me if my account is about to be suspended because I forget to login to the forums.
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    Cannot remove addon domain

    I'm trying to remove but I get the following error message: "Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you do not control the domain" I even removed the cname from my name server entries (managed by I wish...