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    Hi, I dont know how to do to be able to access my account to delete the files or to retrieve the work i have. Can u pleass tell me how to ? tks kind regards.
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    sorry i duplicate the post pleass delete . Hi, Pleass activate my account for me to remove the scripts i was testing. Thanks
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    Hi pleass let me access my account to remove the scripts i was testing Thanks
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    account supended

    Hello, My account has been suspended . 146D0B65195E Pleass i was just using these scripts to test them if u check i didnt submited the page or adverstise it ... The only site i adverstise was that is only using legal script joomla...Iam sorry if i violate the terms .But pleass...
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    Review my website

    Hi all, This is my new website can u guys pleass have a look and give me your advice or suggestions pleass Regards,
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    cannot access ftp alf3299 my password I am trying with this ftp client configuration and it says service not available need help pleass tks