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    My server changed and database was wiped

    I have Wordpress installed on my site, and I was on Stoli. I haven't changed anything on my site for over a week, but I have been logging into my site every day or two to make sure it still worked. I logged onto my site this morning, and the install.php page loaded instead. I then went to my...
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    Several Problems

    1) The cPanel License for Stoli is corrupted and my cPanel has been down all morning 2) is down as well 3) When I change my password in my portal, I cannot login to my cPanel with the new credentials (but I can still log into my portal). If I revert back to my old...
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    Occasionally get a strange error

    Occasionally I get an error on all of my pages, and I have no idea what is causing it. I'm running Wordpress 3.4.1 on my site. I posted this on the Wordpress site, but they said to ask here. This is my site: Any help? EDIT: I am also on Stoli
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    Extremely Slow Servers

    I'm not sure what server I am on, but it is extremely slow today. I can't create a support ticket (after a while it gives me, "Sorry, an unrecoverable error occurred loading the page") and it is taking ~30 seconds to load any page (including the Cpanel). I'm not seeing anything on the server...