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    Stuck on unsuspending

    Thanks! :)
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    Stuck on unsuspending

    Hi all, I recently forgot to do my monthly login so my account got suspended. No problem, I thought, so I clicked the "remove suspension" button and got the message that it'll be removed in a minute. I checked back a few minutes later to find it still wasn't unsuspended, weird but I didn't...
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    quizzical Quinton queried Quetzalcoatl I'm having the same issue, so if someone could look at it I'd appreciate it ;)
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    800+ MB of "Other Usage"

    This is probably related to other the other people who can't access their cPanel anymore because they've exceeded their space. Probably because you use so little space you can still access it, but people with slightly larger sites can't. Long story short, it's a problem with the server many...
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    I can't access control panel nor website..

    Yeah that's the site I mean and I know it runs (it's not running as intended though, far from it, I was working on the theme so that's the part that's messed up atm), but the problem is that I can't access cPanel (I get the same error as you, "Sorry for the inconvenience! blahblahblah") and I...
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    I can't access control panel nor website..

    Same here and looks like a lot of other people are affected as well.
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    Can't login on Cpanel

    I was working on my site via wordpress and I wanted to try some different themes. I finally settled on a theme and decided to edit the header a little to suit my needs (I only commented out the search bar since my site is small and doesn't need it), but when I saved the header file it completely...
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    Website doesn't load!

    Same here... I haven't even checked to see if everything still works after the servers migrated, so I was hoping to do that now... I hope they'll get it sorted out soon.
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    bye bye!

    Well maybe if you would've kept your cool you would've noticed the databases are online again and your website is probably fine... I agree it's not good service to have a server down for 3 days without explanation, but your site isn't gone or anything and it's still only a free service. The...
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    My Website is down.

    I'm not angry or anything, but wouldn't it be worth to post these things in the news forums? Every time my website is down I get half a heart attack, no information in the news section to ease my mind and only when I come here I see I'm not alone and I have to conclude they're probably working...
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    Sql tables gone

    I'm hoping they'll have the database server fixed soon because seeing the wordpress "Welcome" screen you get after just installing absolutely scares the *bleep* out of me. I seriously thought my website just went up in smoke, especially because the database list says "no databases are associated...
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    Posting in forum once a month

    afaik you can create a support ticket and reclaim your website. I once had my website taken offline because I forgot to login, but after a quick support ticket my website was back online the same day I made the ticket. So if you haven't tried that you should really do so. Anyway good luck with it.
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    Purchasing RAM, any recommend brand?

    My personal favorite is Kingston, but I haven't got a lot of experience with other brands so I can't really say if there are any brands that are just as good or better.
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    I feel x10hosting is better than other free hosting providers.

    I agree, I'm not that experienced with website building, but x10hosting is great to host my portfolio on. The thing I like most is that there are no adds or anything forced on your website, some free hosting has this and for a portfolio any type of advertisement just looks unprofessional. Also...
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    All my Files were deleted !!

    Well I hope they can at least tell us what's going on and how long it'll take for the server to be fully operational again. I also hope they can fix this because this really couldn't have come at a worse time for me :( I'm in a rush to get my portfolio online and I was almost done and now this...
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    Free Hosting Server Updates

    Is this the reason the database server is offline atm? And is there any ETA on when it'll be online again? I tried checking the status page linked above, but it seems to be down as well ("connection was reset" error). It also has been down for more than 15 minutes now, so that's why I'm asking...
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    domain masking?

    Hi everyone, I recently bought a domain and I set it all up. I parked it in cpanel and I set up the dns to point to the x10 name servers. I can view my site just fine, but there is one issue: The url is still just the x10 one and not my new domain I bought. When I enter my new domain the url...
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    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Firefox all the way here. I can't be bothered to transfer all my bookmarks to other browsers and Firefox simply has so many add-ons that you can do almost anything you'd ever want to do with a web browser. Though sometimes things feel a bit bloated on the memory side, but that's mostly because I...
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    N64 best games anyone?

    Both zelda games (OoT and MM), but I also really liked wipeout and F zero. I also played the pokemon stadium games and back then I liked them (the mini games were pretty hilarious sometimes xD).
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    Best way to earn money - neobux :D

    necro topic ftw? or isn't a 3 month old topic considered a necro here? Anyway, from personal experience I can say that bux sites aren't worth it. In the end you have to keep investing everything you make and you never actually make enough to call it a true profit. Sure it might work if you...