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  1. garikr

    Can not create hosting account

    My hosting account has been deleted, I've tried to create new one, but it seems like confirmation email is not being sent. I did try to resend it a couple of times, I even tried to update an email account and send it there, with the same result. Please help.
  2. garikr

    can not log into boru ftp account

    I know there is another thread like this, but I couldn't post to it( says I don't have permissions) so I've started my own. NetDrive says: FTP:weird server reply Google Chrome says: Unable to load the webpage because the server sent no data. Explorer just asks for login/password over and...
  3. garikr


    Can I use SSL with my free account if yes, than how? And I can not log in into my ftp account all of the sudden (( I've tried creating new one, but to no avail
  4. garikr

    need help with SSL/TLS

    I'm trying to figure out SSL particularly, one or more pages on the site have to be protected. Is it possible to test this on my free hosting account? How do I go about doing that? I've downloaded a program for generating test certificates and I will, eventually pay for a real one. thank...
  5. garikr

    Mail function doesnt work

    It works for we on boru with the following code: $headers="From:"."\r\n"."X-Mailer: PHP/".phpversion(); $message=iconv("UTF-8","KOI8-R","А вот и рассылочка....."); $check = mail( "",$message,$message,$headers ); echo $check; as php manual says you...
  6. garikr

    suggestion Java IDE (Linux)

    Why not to use "gedit" or other simple editor with code highlighting....
  7. garikr

    MySql problems

    Fixed it. Had to make a new database and a new user. Good thing there was nothing important in it....
  8. garikr

    MySql problems

    I get mysql access denied message at my page. It all worked fine untill the not so distant move to different server. In the beginning I could not log into my cPanel either, but that changed after I've reset my password. I've tryed to delete and create a new mysql user, I've...
  9. garikr

    What's the best IE6 compatible CMS?

    Thx for the reply. I don't like IE either(IE8 with developer toolbar is actually not bad at all), but I still want to support it down to IE6. I poked around a bit, and think that FrontPage should be ok. If Microsoft's own WYSIWYG won't support it, than nothing probly will.
  10. garikr

    What's the best IE6 compatible CMS?

    Since anything decent looking on Firefox,Opera,Chrome is almost guaranteed to not look right in IE6 it seems like a good idea to just serve a different page for it. I don't want to figure out how IE6 works, and I have absolutely no experience with CMSs. So any advice on choosing an CMS...
  11. garikr

    security concern

    Ty. So if I uderstand this correctly the apache access the folders as Other and php can access any file in my hosting derrictory. Can I set up a derrictory accesseble to only users, registered on my site? Maybe set up a Workgroup somehow. Can appache access folders with alternative...
  12. garikr

    unwanted scrollbar

    I've figured it out, kinda.... putting img{margin-bottom:-4px} gets rid of the overflow, I just hope it does not mess up anything else, I've change it, if you want to look at the old one it's now. It's time to boot into windows and check it in IE. Why do I...
  13. garikr

    security concern

    I have a simple php/mySQL project, there is a file with a few constants which I include on every page. Among other things it contains mySQL password. Recently I've realized that it was accessible by everyone and changed it's permissions to 600. Is that enough? What's the best way to store...
  14. garikr

    unwanted scrollbar

    I have a 4 part background layout set to fill the whole screen. In both Firefox and Chrome the body stretches(at least I think it's the body) vertically for about 4px resulting in a scrollbar. Removing the bottom pieces solves the problem, moving their bottom edges 4px also gets rid of the...
  15. garikr

    Extra width in firefox

    What do u mean extra width?
  16. garikr

    Need help seting up a network

    The netbook isn't mine (Neat little toy with ethernet, wi-fi, 3g, camera built in. 8 hour battery life 1gig of ram. $200 with Verizon $40/month data plan) apparently it has an ethernet wich switches modes. I don't have a crossover cable, even though it says "X,over" on it(Look through the...
  17. garikr

    The best site I ever Surfed!

    The best laid out news site. I go there a couple of times a week. The table layout works great for the newspaper type content.
  18. garikr

    Need help seting up a network

    It goes to google serach if 3g is or unavalible page if it's off. Basically behaves as if you typed a bogus name. Now that you mention it the cable does have Xover written on the connector, lucky thins time, thx for mentioning this. Gona check my firewall configuration, but wouldn't it have...
  19. garikr

    Need help seting up a network

    I have a laptop with Fedora Linux, and Apache on it. I'm trying to access my web server from a winXP netbook, through a network cable( no switch or a router ). The netbook got 3g on it. I've used windows network setup wizard to allow Internet connection sharing. So the winXP netbook connects to...
  20. garikr

    set up a nine part background

    here it is I think I got it to work in IE6. Took some figuring out and some not too proper code. But honestly, I'm surprised it worked at all the way it was. Promise me you are gona look into what I'm about to say... here it goes: The html structure is<html><head></head><body></body></html> NO...