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    Account seems to have disappeared!

    Okay, I've re-registered, with username lynne70 again, and succeeded (eventually) in logging into my client account (ID: FMA093623). Now I'm trying to confirm my email address by clicking on the link in the email I've received, but when I click on "Confirm Address" in the resulting window I...
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    Account seems to have disappeared!

    That's odd, I'm sure must have looked at it at least a couple of times since then! Thanks anyway, I'll go and sign up again.
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    Account seems to have disappeared!

    The only username I have written down for x10Hosting (for both the hosting and the forum) is lynne70. I don't seem to have any record anywhere of an 8-character username. :dunno:
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    Account seems to have disappeared!

    Try lynneinjapan - I think that's it. I've now subscribed to this thread so I shouldn't "lose" it this time! Thanks.
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    Account seems to have disappeared!

    I'm sure I opened a support ticket about a week ago to say that my site ( is down; I thought it might be something to do with the problems you've been having with Chopin. However, the site is still down and I don't seem to have received a reply to my support ticket (at least not...
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    Site down:

    Hi, my site ( appears to be down - I'm getting "Server not found" when I type in the URL. Possibly related to problems with Chopin? Thanks (in anticipation) for fixing this, Lynne
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    If you see a 'Fitbit' site instead of yours... Edit: I've now worked out how to flush the DNS (after several failed attempts due to missing the space / being in wrong directory) and it's OK now, thanks.
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    Page load error but account not suspended

    When I try to view my site or cPanel, I get a "page load error", though I've been assured by x10Hosting staff that this isn't a suspension issue. Please can someone take a look and fix this problem? Thanks. In case it's of any relevance, I'm using Firefox v3.0.3 in Windows XP, and when I try...
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    Automatic reminders?

    Is there any way we can arrange to have a reminder email sent, say once every week or ten days, to remind us to log in to the forum? Failing that, what's the easiest way to set up a regular reminder on a home PC (I only have Outlook Express, not Outlook, so can't use the calendar function...