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    Premium hosting enquiry

    Apologies, must have missed that, its been a long day here on the island (UK) :D Thanks for the very quick response! Quick quesiton - im starting out learning some programming, concentrating on PHP at the moment and am trying to build (for education purposes only) a social networking site -...
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    Premium hosting enquiry

    Dear Sir/Madam, Just a quick enquiry about your premium hosting ($3.95/mo) i was wondering if you had a full list of the features such as amount of SQL databases allowed and so on? King Regards,
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    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I've been learning PHP, mySQL and various programming languages on and off for a while, x10 has given me a great platform i can use to learn :D I will be upgrading to a premium service soon though as i want to code my own forum and a test social networking site from scratch (how amazingly...
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    How do I remove all traces of a program?

    start > run - msconfig. click startup tab and untick the nero boxes - this will stop anything nero-related from loading on startup. to get rid of the extra rubbish use revo as recommended above. you can also use the msconfig bit to stop anything else from booting up, but be careful as you can...
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    Who has the best web browser? IE vs FF vs Chrome

    I am a loyal Firefox user! I tried Chrome for a while but it appears to have this annoying bug with my back + forward buttons on my G15 mouse, if i click to go back it goes back two pages and the same with going forward :( i have never experienced any major problems with Firefox and i love...
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    Paid or Free Hosting

    Last year there were a few problems with the free accounts getting moved around to different servers but in all honesty i think every company would do the same if you had to make room for paying customers, so i dont really hold the server transfers against x10. overall x10 is a great host and...
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    Star Craft 2!!

    have to admit that the game can be strangely graphic intense =/ for some strange reason it appears to make my computer work alot more than WoW does!
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    CGI Python

    ahh right, well i havent done webdesign in nearly a year so it could be something im missing - possibly the links as i am prone to putting it to local structure such as "C:\..." lol ill have a look over it and try again, thanks descalzo :)
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    Creating That Idea

    Hi, im probably not the best qualified to comment on here, ive done web design in college and have 2 very close friends who are big on it. I've also created a few sites in my time mainly small ones for friends and family just to give them / their business a presence on the internet (seeing as...
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    CGI Python

    is Jquery allowed? ive been testing a site function locally and it works perfectly but when i upload it, it doesnt (yes ive uploaded the .js lib with it :P)
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    Star Craft 2!!

    never really played the first one but SC2 is amazing. The graphics are great (for an RTS) and the storyline is outstanding, one of the best games i've played in quite a while. I cannot wait for the expansion's to come out, one thing i would like is a zerg campaign, haven't had chance to play...
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    whats your faverout online multyplayer game?

    I cant wait to try Starcraft 2, going to get it this weekend :D its soon to be one of the, if not THE best selling game of all time!! over 1.5 million copies sold! I've read all the reviews and seen alot of ingame footage along with a brief insight to the storyline and i have to say...WOW! I'll...
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    Your food is poisoned - must read

    food is just another big money industry and so they try and make as much product as big and as quickly as possible... so if they can make a chicken fully grown in 49 days as opposed to 70 days then they;ll do it and if they can make massive veggies as opposed to medium sized ones then they...
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    whats your faverout online multyplayer game?

    I would have to say a combination of World of Warcraft and COD: MW2. I am currently comtemplating trying out Aion as a friend gave me a free trial and its pretty good. I still log on to the old school games like Legend Of Mir 3 though, passes a few hours now and then!
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    Marriage is about convenience NOT love!

    You're spot on, people get bored with looks after a while and then the marriage fails. I think people get married because their other half is "the one that stuck around the morning after" in alot of cases. We will in an instant world these days, everything from sending a letter to purchasing...
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    What is the Best AntiVirus?

    Ive always used norton so id have to go with that tbh, never had any problems with it and the 2010 version seems pretty lightweight, but i am running a pro gamer machine now lol
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    You wouldn't steal a CD...

    i think people don't see downloading things from the net as piracy, simply because they dont have to actually touch the product... If you steal a CD, first you'd have to discretely hide it on yourself and then walk out, bypassing security and members of staff. I can only imagine (as i've...
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    Have the tried running the network connection wizard? i know that if you run it in XP, at the end of the wizard it'll ask if you want to create a file which can be loaded onto other computers and run to set up its connection to the network, this might help you.
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    Chopin Expedited Copy
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    Can Not Access Website

    sorry to bump an old thread, it appears i may be having similar issues (according to my account i am also on the Chopin server) is there any way to tell as to whether or not my account is also one of the unsuccessful ones or is it more of a "if it keeps going down, then its one of the unlucky...