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    can't access site

    after domain name change.. whats giong on? i come up to my old host and it has this weird redirect.. "YOUR COMPANY LOGO HERE" .. wtf??? never put that there?? if it was suspended then wouldn't it says suspended and you warn me about it? thats stupid if you didn't... and if it...
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    MySQL Connectin

    Hi there! I am setting a database up and it is setup on the server side. But then now I'm trying to connect to the database with this program called eAthena but it says "[Fatal Error]: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (116)"... so how would I go connecting to the database?
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    About Ads with FusionPHP

    Since you say I have to put an ad on everypage, does that include FusionPHP with its administration pages? Thats a hellalot of ads to put >.<!
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    2 questions about MySQL

    Ok. Here is my first question... Can I use MySQL Control Center with x10hosting's MySQL server? If so then please tell me the ip, the username, and password for it as i tried the infomation my friend gave me (he put up the site) and it doesn't connect.. AT ALL. Second question -- If I can't...
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    mysql cc

    Can I use a MySQL Query not webbased? Hi there. I'm working on a site with a friend of mine who got it hosted here, and well I'm the main person now. I'm trying to upload some MySQL queries with your included phpmyadmin, and well it isn't working so good for me. I try to upload the query as its...