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    Buy it. It's a great game, I'd buy it if I didn't get an account for free.
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    Death Penalty

    It's a very touchy subject but I guess I'm for it overall, but only for the right situations. Some people are better off suffering through life in prison but others just need to go right then.
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    I love x10hosting!

    You guys are doing it all right! Love the facts of the site and the filesize limits and space limits being so high and everything, it's just wonderful. Please keep doing what you're doing. :)
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    Hi guys, I'm sousui!

    I have had a site here for around a month and it's a Mabinogi gaming site and I only just now realized you have to come to the forums once a month! So I figured I'd post an intro. I am 21, I know html php and javascript, and I love mabinogi. My site: I love your service...