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    Hosting Doesn't Work

    Thanks so much!!
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    Hosting Doesn't Work

    Sorry to bother you guys again. I've lost both the password and username to my cpanel. Is there any way to retrieve either via email?
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    Hosting Doesn't Work

    Cool, I'll try that as soon as I get home. Thanks!
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    Hosting Doesn't Work Yes, it's PHP based. The index should be /index.
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    Hosting Doesn't Work

    I run indexhibit. I've tried to open my site on Chrome and Firefox, but neither work.
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    Hosting Doesn't Work

    Hi! My name is Charlie and my site hasn't been working for a couple of weeks now. Is there a specific problem that I can fix? Thank you for any help!
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    Post your desktop.

    I get my desktop from desktopography, they make great artwork!
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    how many visitor per day

    I don't get many viewers. I've always wondered why.
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    Where Do You Come From?

    I'm from California and I love it.
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    The 'N' word!

    I think it's the intent behind the word that can be offensive. I don't use the 'n' word, I don't like it. I have edited out my vocabulary quite a bit, 'gay' is simply to describe a homosexual and not to demean others.
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    Pope visits Malta today! I thought it'd be nice to share.
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    What's Your Computer Called?

    I call my netbook Sally. She's handy.
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    How many times a day do you...

    Eat? -- 4 or 5 times a day. Go to the toilet? -- 2 times a day. Use facebook? -- It's always on. Use x10forums? -- Once a day. Check your e-mail? -- It's always on.
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    April Fools Day

    I didn't fall for anything. I'm a bit surprised.
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    Where do you live?

    Santa Barbara, California.
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    What is so original about the film Avatar?

    I thought the CGI was superficial and would only impress philistines.
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    A point-system-based site that allows you opportunities to earn points towards numerous electronics, name brand items, and even laptops. If you want an invite send me a pm and I'll hook you up with one. Many people say that Lockerz is a scam, well here's a list of sites that think otherwise...
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    Does this suck?

    I appreciate all of the advice, will get to it when I can. Thanks a lot people!
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    Does this suck?

    I have a site that hosts my art portfolio and my writings. I was wondering if any of you think I need to improve on my web design or anything at all. Thanks!
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    Suspected Malware

    I had this message yesterday using Firefox, I don't have it today. YAY!