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    How to make Park domain... main domain

    I have domain that is ...i have booked . now i want to make my main domain can i do that
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    ask for help in chat section
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    I'm having an issue logging into the cPanel

    my Cpanel, Webmail and website is not working..that is hosted on Stoli server
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    I've been loggin into the forum but...

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    How can you make money with a site...?

    for advertise adsense is good way to earn
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    how to create career page by resume uploading option

    i want to create career page with resume uploading option..what should i do?? ---------- Post added at 06:20 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:20 AM ---------- kinly reply with detail
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    Parked Domain is not working ..

    my park domain "co. in" showing "Error 503 Service Unavailable from" while my main domain is working properly. One month ago Parked Domain was working too good. what is the problem? how to solve it? please help me
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    Error 503 at parked domain

    hhii my is hosted at x10hosting and my domain is parked here. but is working while is showing 503 error. what should i do??
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    Very smooth

    till evening it was working too good but some time it does not work..
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    my website and webmail is not working

    my website is hosted at stoli server but now neither the website nor mail is working. what should i do for that??
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    hosting account

    wt to say abut it
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    SMTP 101 Error

    Hello, I have taken new Domain registed with other registrar and i linked as parked domain with my current account. but when i send mail through that domain it shows SMTP 101 Error. how can i solve it?? please let me know that
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    Can I change host from x10host to others ?

    that is really required sumtime
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    [PHP] MySQL and PHP

    really gud;)