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    i believed i was hacked or something

    Hello i didnt check my site in about 3 weeks and all my stuff is gone. I think i got some one elses file or something during the server outage. My pwd is changed to. acount is and username is sportman. I just want my graphix on my site. Thanks
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    Problems for last 2 hours. finally working

    My site gallery said MYsql database erorr. When i went to It said there was a error too. It finally went away. Was it my computers problem or the servers?
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    Log in Problems

    WHen you go to there is a portal, I log in and it says i did and then it automatically logs me out. When i go to the forum home page, i tried 10 times, it didnt work and then it suddenly worked. Is this the server problem because my settings are working propely.
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    [SMF] Installing Skins

    1. Download a skin you want. You find them at the SMF Website. 2. Go to admin panel in the smf board 3. Go to Theme and Layout Settings 4. Find Install a New them and put the location of the zip 5. press install. Just make sure you add a ad. You are all set.
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    Best Forum Software

    What is the best and why?
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    My site is gone?

    Ok when i click on a redirection link: , it appears when i go to a board it doesnt
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    I think that you should put more scripts in the fantastico, like smf 1.0.1 here: it tells that you can put smf in auto install I think you should add it
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    new toc help

    the new toc says we need to put a banner but what banner is it? and where is the code for that
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    i buyed a sticky thread at the shop but isnt the shop cool. I go today and there like only 4 options today?
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    Look at my custom title

    i buyed it
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    MY forum

    I finally got my smf board working lol it took almost 1 hour of time to put the ad code in it lol I am so happy i am looking for mods and admins here
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    Very nice hosting

    The hosting is quick and has a lot of options. This will become a very popular host
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    I need help putting ads

    I have x10 advanced.I know i need to put ads on the index.php. So how do you add ads onto the php file. I am not good at php. Do i have to put a ad on every page or just the home page
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    Xbox is the best gaming system out there right noe because it has good graphics and good games like halo and halo 2