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    Suspension for high-usage?

    Hi, my site is also suspended, but i haven't been doing anything on it recently, just run a MediaWiki site with a few extensions, nothing too resource hogging. I'm on the lotus server. I cannot unsuspend myself because the button isn't there to unsuspend, and I'm unsure whether to submit a...
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    Will My Site SUCCEED?

    That's going to take a LOT of resources and bandwidth, if it's live streams. I'd suggest making sure that your limits and resources available are enough before stepping in too deep. There's quite a large amount of people looking for what you are willing to offer however so I think if thought...
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    What is up with the service? It keeps on going offline and online?

    The servers are always like this, their excuse is that it's a Free Host, so you should expect downtime. But from a webhost, I would also expect uptime... You know, where the site is available?
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    Great Host

    I'd watch out for the downtimes though, but yeah x10 has the best features for a free host that I've seen!
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    The sad thing about Adsense...

    It all depends on what keywords Google picks out of your content, for example, if the word 'Baby' appears often, then it'll just pick ads related to that. I agree that it's frustrating, Google should AT LEAST give us some way of telling them what category our site is in. Without having to make...
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    fill this out please

    Done :)
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    Huge List Of Free MMO Games

    Personally, I play Florensia. ( Is a good game based on anime style and has great gameplay. It's been translated from Japan as it was a good success over there.
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    Domain name not working

    Well after clearing my cache still no site appearing but if you can view the site properly I'll assume its just me needing the updated version. You can close the thread now, thanks for the replies.
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    Domain name not working

    Right, well I'll refresh my cache and is my site appearing properly at to you?
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    Domain name not working

    I've registered the domain but it's not showing my homepage, do I need to wait a bit longer for it to show?
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    Domain name not working

    Hi, I've just bought my new domain,, and all the nameservers are fine, but when I go to change my primary domain in the AMP, I check the box that says I am using my own domain and type (http:// is already there) then hit confirm and update...
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    Server Change Request

    Hi, I'm wishing to change my hosting accounts server from cossacks to the new one. This is because the server I am on now seems to be going up and down VERY frequently, which my visitors are complaining about. So if you can please move my accounts server. Thanks