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  1. miguelkp

    What are you playing now?

    Sniper Elite v2. Race 07. Bioshock. X³: Reunion.
  2. miguelkp

    Which Web Browser you like most?

    Firefox. However, I've read about Lunascape and will be probably my next browser, if I understood well its features.
  3. miguelkp

    JavaScript/jQuery Help Needed!

    If I understood it well, this is what you need: Actually, I think this is what they used in, with a couple of changes.
  4. miguelkp

    Windows 7 - 5 Rare Power Shortcuts

    Nice. Also, with Windows key + numbers, you can open/select taskbar applications (quick start icons and opened applications).
  5. miguelkp

    How you learn a programming language?

    I completely agree with misson. It's most a matter of learning to program than learning languages. It's only a matter of learn the new syntax and the changes in features specially once you understand the basis of the programming paradigm you're using.
  6. miguelkp

    Music band website

    Thanks for your replies. I specially appreciate yours, essellar. I'm looking for a good-looking rust/grunge texture. I'm making some tests with just a simple rust texture but I don't like it too much, I prefer the glossy style. Maybe I'll have to try it with an overlay horizontal gradient...
  7. miguelkp

    Ad a new addon domain problem

    I had same problem. Opened a ticket and had to wait quite a lot but now is solved. Try this way.
  8. miguelkp

    Script for a public photo gallery

    If you know PHP, you can always try the Google Picasa API for PHP (using Zend library) and make yourself the script. Your visitors should be able to upload photos and they won't use x10hosting resources in terms of disk storage. That can help avoiding account suspensions due to hit resource...
  9. miguelkp

    Sanitize contact form?

    Hahaha, The IT crowd's best moment ever. I'm going to study everything you have posted, dudes. My conclusion right now is that probably my final approach will be let users put whatever they want (I actually liked that: "Be liberal in what you accept, and conservative in what you send.") in...
  10. miguelkp

    ayuda con el scripts PHPads

    ¿Y desde dónde lo instalas? ¿En el Softaculous de tu cPanel? ¿O lo has descargado de algún sitio? Intenta en cualquier caso entrar en la web de PHPads (si es que existe) para descargar la última versión disponible del script. Al parecer, la que estás intentando instalar utiliza funciones...
  11. miguelkp

    Music band website

    Thanks. Thing is that the concerts section now seems broken just because there are no concerts XD When there are events, a calendar appears (by the way, it seems to work a bit badly with a translation activated): If you select one date, this appears:
  12. miguelkp

    Sanitize contact form?

    Thanks, misson. I've carefully read your entire post (worth its weight in gold) and the links you put, except the 'Programmatic Mutualism' one :( It's in a domain and my antivirus block it. Maybe later I'll give it a try, temporarily disabling the AV. So, I'm forgetting about SQL...
  13. miguelkp

    Music band website

    Thanks for the compliments :) I finally added the "change language" option. It uses Google translator, so it's far from being the perfect solution. But anyway, can help a bit. About your website, I was about to contact you to ask if there was a problem hahaha. I see that Murphy's Law attacks...
  14. miguelkp

    Sanitize contact form?

    Is needed? I don't know too much (near to 'nothing', to be honest) about web security but I heard that SQL injection is only possible in input fields that are used to make SQL connections, like login forms for instance. Thing is: the only part where user can input data is the contact form; my...
  15. miguelkp

    Music band website

    First of all, thanks :) About Pearl Squirrel, very interesting, indeed. I'll check it out, no doubt. About the language button, it's just what you said: main target public (about 95% I would dare to say) is Spanish/Latin American people. I'd study it, anyway, maybe the Google translator...
  16. miguelkp

    cuenta suspendida por inactividad

    No. Para que la cuenta no se desactive tienes que iniciar sesión (solo iniciar sesión) con tu cuenta en el portal de x10hosting, al menos una vez al mes (cada 30 días para ser más exactos). No hace falta crear temas en los foros. No hace falta responder a temas ya creados en los foros. No...
  17. miguelkp

    How is my site looks right now? Please tell me.

    First of all, I suggest you to use another domain. Google ignores (among other free second level domains) websites and doesn't index them, at all. Furthermore, some anti-virus (like mine: ESET NOD32 Antivirus 5) completely blocks the website due to the issue also, so I couldn't...
  18. miguelkp

    Music band website

    Note: I'm looking for feedback only for the design itself. Regardless of your musical tastes and/or ideology, I mean. Fixed this -> Don't know why but it seems to load too slowly right now. Usually it doesn't take too much, since the website is hosted in Illuminated server... Yesterday, for...
  19. miguelkp

    Changed Free Hosting to Illuminated - Whats now???

    The cPanel effectively changes. Now, when you access your cPanel, the URL must be like "" (you are on Starka now, isn't it?). It will change to "". And some more options will be available, also. As Skizzerz said, you're not transferred yet. I...
  20. miguelkp

    Illuminated problem

    I guessed it, yes hehe. In fact, they massively closed all tickets. I had to reopen mine. However, with no much hope, to be honest, since I'm pretty sure that people that didn't read first the status page and opened a ticket, is now reopening that ticket without, again, reading the status page...