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  1. conzone

    Oh! > Boru - CPanel log in OK - CPanel NO LOAD - Have SQL Database Error

    sounds like big doo doo problems :frown:
  2. conzone

    The Ctrl+V game

    April 2014
  3. conzone

    Who are Waiting for Windows 8 release and Are Happy with Windows 7 over Win 8?

    XP SP3 still supported till April 2014.
  4. conzone

    Change to Inactivity Policy

    just read my email, thought it was phishing. come to forums to check around. I'll still use them.
  5. conzone

    Will this sell?

    iphone app for ten cents; about it really
  6. conzone

    What OS is your phone running

  7. conzone

    Review my HomePage

    too white use a light light blue background, were as the other page you have up is way way too dark
  8. conzone

    My first site

    very good
  9. conzone

    The Ctrl+V game

  10. conzone

    Add One Word

    Monkeys break bananas over their Noses and open their mouth so they flap the pudding between their feet and hands. This is boring. Monkeys fling pancakes over seals BUT albatrosses rarely fall for double-glazing. When the salesmen dodges smelly and begins dancing spandex shorts alone, his...
  11. conzone

    How does it look?

    looks ok but what's "Ring Of Honor" ;anal sex ?
  12. conzone

    My newest project!! take a look!

    errr and .........
  13. conzone

    So what do you think of my site?

    arrrr "Hosting Account Suspended"
  14. conzone

    Windows 8 To Stop Activation Hacks

    the beta is out for TESTING.
  15. conzone

    Review My Site

    to much bandwidth
  16. conzone

    Windows 8 To Stop Activation Hacks

    thought win8 will use UEFI
  17. conzone

    What do you believe is Area51?

    I once read about how they were named, "somewhere", followed a few links and found a small item about how some bases/areas numbers got deleted and or merged. The only think that stuck out was Area 51 was not always 51.
  18. conzone

    What is the oldest/crappiest computer you've ever had

    oldest machine was an IBM XT that had a tape drive interface...... Crappiest was an Olivetti
  19. conzone

    The Ctrl+V game
  20. conzone

    The Ctrl+V game