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  1. The Real Rebel

    [0 credits] Site Giveaway

    Hi, My name is jamie and I own If you would like to transfer your site to us give me an email @ we could make an arrangement. I reckon that we can keep it running, make it grow a bit more and advertise it around our growing network, Also we would...
  2. The Real Rebel

    Gaming System!!!

    Android, especially the new Sony Erricision with playstion on it (Xperia Play i think) shows that its very powerful :D
  3. The Real Rebel


    Crysis 2 is awesome, apart from the crappy AI of the bots :/
  4. The Real Rebel

    Hello from the UK

    Welcome to x10! :D
  5. The Real Rebel

    Games with a good storyline

    I remember that, Yeah it was pretty neat.
  6. The Real Rebel

    PlayStation Network is still down

    Bit stupid using outdated webserver software really.... and the removal of linux was bull ****.
  7. The Real Rebel

    Games with a good storyline

    Half life does have a very good story line, Although I haven't been able to keep up due to how busy I am. I have never actually finished the second cause I don't have the time xD
  8. The Real Rebel


    Halo: CE was a major lan game in my book, forgot it really now since no one plays it anymore :(
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  10. The Real Rebel

    Gaming System!!!

    Agreed, basically what I do! (Although my xbox is nice for some games such as GOW and Halo)
  11. The Real Rebel

    Games with a good storyline

    I loved the story on halo reach i love halo though so :P
  12. The Real Rebel


    CSS, Minecraft and Crysis 2, awesome for lanning :P
  13. The Real Rebel

    An one play minecraft?

    Yeah, I play and run a minecraft server. For minecraft 1.5, if you want to come along join us and enjoy :D
  14. The Real Rebel

    PlayStation Network is still down

    This is why I'm an xbox lover these days, I hated the PSN and PS3 wrecked playstation for me
  15. The Real Rebel

    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    Band Hero xD Fun for all the family :P
  16. The Real Rebel

    Which is your favorite Gaming Company?

    Mojang ! Minecraft FTW :P
  17. The Real Rebel

    Can your hardware run that game?

    Like that linkage :) Thanks luffydaarc19 ---------- Post added at 03:14 AM ---------- Previous post was at 03:14 AM ---------- Also, if you want a memory intensive game guys play minecraft :P
  18. The Real Rebel

    Gimp vs photoshop

    Photoshop is way more advanced than GIMP, GIMP won't even insert an image into a layer at times xD
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    Howdy :)
  20. The Real Rebel

    Link exchange with - minecraft help site

    I'd be willling to gie you a linkexchange on JR PM if interested :D