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  1. your_death_1994

    PHP Mail()

    Hey, I'm not sure where to enter the debugging number, but i did change the into And got a huge message when I retried to run the PHP code. Here is the error message i got: Thanks again.
  2. your_death_1994

    PHP Mail()

    Thank you for the replies. I'm trying out PHPMailer :), and would like to know what an SMTP Server is. And what SMTP Server x10hosting uses. Edit: I've searched the forums and found out what an SMTP Server is and what my SMTP mail server is. But I'm getting an error, which is:
  3. your_death_1994

    PHP Mail()

    Hey, I was wondering if you guys could help me out here. I was having an error with a php mail() function. I am using this function to send emails after a user registers for my site. Here is the PHP code: $Subject="Welcome to Pokemon Evolution!"; $Message=" Hey ".$Username.",\r\n...
  4. your_death_1994

    my life, it's ****ed.

    Do you see any errors when you ran this code? and what is the term in bold? if its a variable shouldn't it be $likes or something. likes = likes+'".$_SESSION['userid'].",' Lol, im learning php, so yeah i don't know a lot. :(
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    The Ctrl+V game

    "Unknown table engine 'InnoDB
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    Change a letter!

  7. your_death_1994

    Death Penalty

    Hmm, I'm against it. Killing someone for making a mistake or doing something wrong, is to barbaric. Another point, a man goes to court, says he is innocent, but the judge send him for the death penalty because the evidence points towards him. He is killed. 6 months later, the investigator says...
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    Whats The Last Game You Bought?

    I bought Mario Kart Wii, a few weeks ago.
  9. your_death_1994

    Which games do you think is the most difficult to play?

    For some reason i still can't finish The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess :(
  10. your_death_1994

    My Data got collapsed suddenly

    Are you getting a "Unknown table engine 'InnoDB'" error? If yes thats happening to my database's tables as well.
  11. your_death_1994

    new to x10 and the forum

    Hey, welcome to x10hosting :) and good luck with your website. :)
  12. your_death_1994

    im new here

    Hey Bib, welcome to x10hosting. Nice to meet you :) I'm sure you'll find a lot of information here :) There are people here and on chats to help if help is needed.
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    Hey oyamsj87, welcome to x10hosting. Hope you have a nice time here on x10. :)
  14. your_death_1994

    Count to 1 Million

    2525 characters in my first code :) - i think.
  15. your_death_1994

    Holding both ears so head won't spin (tough to type with tongue)

    Hey, welcome to x10hosting. Its nice to see people your age taking interest into this kind of stuff. :) If you ever need help there is a "Programming Help" forum and a "Free Hosting" forum. Also if you ever wanna talk to someone I'm right here :)
  16. your_death_1994

    HRU (High Resource Usage) Policy Change

    If i switch to Paid/Premium Hosting on x10, does the HRU affect me? I'm currently on free hosting, and thinking of upgrading.
  17. your_death_1994

    HRU (High Resource Usage) Policy Change

    It'll be back up in a few mins, and again this is the "News and Announcements" forums not "Free Hosting" forums. This might be happening because of the reasons listed. High resource usage scripts. Poorly coded scripts. Time to upgrade.
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    Hey, awesome, I finally made a friend here on x10 :). hope to see you around.

    Hey, awesome, I finally made a friend here on x10 :). hope to see you around.
  19. your_death_1994

    Hi, kinda new, so well hi

    Lol, Hey welcome to x10hosting, nice to meet you too. Its pretty awesome here, right? If you veer need help just post a thread in the "Free Hosting" forum, or "Programming Help" forums. and x10 also has a live Chat, where volunteers can help you 24/7. :)
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    Why some hosting webs can be visited in China, some can't!

    Lol same question was asked my lyhoop15 in the "Programming Help" forum and you in in the "Tutorials" forums. and to be honest i think it can be visited from everywhere. also, how do you know it doesn't work somewhere in China? does it not work for you? Edit: Now i know. lol ignore what i said...