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    Please review my friend's adsense site feedback?
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    what is ur site url..I would like to see.

    what is ur site url..I would like to see.
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    How to earn money?

    Forget about the adsense. Newbies should try there luck with affiliate marketing. Once you learn and start to make some money in there, then you can move to your own business.
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    A simple way to earn money

    I am also indian. Are you really earning $100/month with
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    Your site must have 5-10 original posts. And after that just keep applying. They will reject few times but you keep on applying. After applying for 6-7 times, you'll get approved.
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    Please review my site

    Nothing more to say about. Its a very simple HTML site. Looks good. You will need to write more to convince your visitors to click on your links. You can also put data of ' How it works' on homepage.
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    Review my Discussion community

    Its simple but good. But you would have to work hard in bringing visitors.
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    new innovative site

    The concept looks cool.
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    Please review my Blog

    Looks cool. you selected a perfect theme for tech blog.
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    Hi. What is your site about?

    Hi. What is your site about?
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    Latest Graphics

    All awesome designs ♥ Consider adding your site here
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    Hi. Just saw your site. You can submit here at members directory for free.

    Hi. Just saw your site. You can submit here at members directory for free.
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    How is my web design ?

    Lovely website just a bit slow. I think because of flash. Submit your site to directory below for more exposure.
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    x10 member get free backlink. Start submitting

    bonic, can't accept your site. Your site is hosted on There are many directories out there where you can submit site while this directory is only for x10hosted sites. I use directorypress on WP. I chose subdomain as it makes it part of the community.
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    x10hosting members Web Directory

    Yes it is at
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    Website Down

    For some reason my site has gone down. My account is active. URL: Plz check. Thanks.
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    Need help

    The site layout looks clean & beautiful.
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    Newbie here grateful if you can review My Site.

    homepage looks beautiful but everything is opening in new window. And no space between AboutUs. You can submit your site in directory below.