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  1. whitebus

    Death Penalty

    death penalty moderated with a three strikes policy. life in prison is not punishment, as it creates a prison lifestyle that breeds more hardened criminals. death is part of everyone's journey and of natural selection. it should not be feared and we as society should not be afraid to use it...
  2. whitebus

    How old are you?

    lol Ok, I'll send them along. Unfortunately, I don't do much golf any more... I've taken up discgolf you see. Have you lost any frisbees? ;)
  3. whitebus

    How old are you?

    our highschool was cutting edge, as i entered grade nine they had just replaced the radio shack trs80's with unisys icon's with trackballs... like a big upside down mouse as part of the base, ditto for the keyboard. i was already used to the 1200 baud transfer rate, because i got a modem from my...
  4. whitebus

    A crocodile on a plane kills 19

    I smell a sequel. Can you imagine Samuel L Jackson... "I have had enough of these [mofo] croks on this [mofo] plane!"
  5. whitebus

    Civilization V

    and here i've been trying to use roman legions ;) seriously though, it did finally give me a good enough excuse to upgrade my computer. i got an ati hd5450 with an lg 21.5" hd lcd and the intro video is killer good. (i also like the extra real estate i now have for blood bowl and eve)
  6. whitebus

    Civilization V

    ignore happy and take over the world. all you need is two or three cities with good production, then go militaristic. your cities may not grow, but they won't shrink.
  7. whitebus

    suspended - transferred

    looks like we're getting somewhere: I got two password reset messages in my email, so I logged in and changed password again with no error messages. I am now able to login to cPanel. the cPanel button works as well. The hosting server is now listed as: stoli However the status is still...
  8. whitebus

    suspended - transferred

    Hosting Password Update submitted August 9 at 12:39 pmj1ri4qT4iGJ4action statusError informationUpdate to your hosting account password. resultA system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: AE3E7FCC It seems i can't change the password on my hosting account...
  9. whitebus

    suspended - transferred

    authentication failed using both. status is still listing as suspended.
  10. whitebus

    suspended - transferred

    thanks. i can now browse to the site, but i still cannot access cPanel or ftp (using FileZilla) the site info still lists server as getupdated and the goto cPanel button directs to a deadend.
  11. whitebus

    suspended - transferred

    June 11 at 11:59 pm suspension User transfered to another server. i can't open a support ticket from the account panel. server is listed as getupdated. unsure what server i was transferred from or to. account is whitebus.
  12. whitebus

    suspension - user transferred to another server

    i have been unable to access my control panel for a while. and i was getting a too many users error when trying to visit my page. now it seems i've been moved to another server and the site is listed on my control panel as suspended. there was a message that the suspension could not be resolved...
  13. whitebus

    Do you remember which game you played first ????

    sorry, it took me a while to get around to reading these posts. i'll try to be more considerate in the future. great topic though, the nostalgia moments were wonderful.
  14. whitebus

    Do you remember which game you played first ????

    was it really the beeps or just the upset folks?
  15. whitebus

    Do you remember which game you played first ????

    remember that baseball game where the ball rolled down the ramp and you swung a bat and knocked it into single, double, triple or home run holes and the bases lit up when you got a man on them?
  16. whitebus

    Do you remember which game you played first ???? Deadly Dungeon, the old trs-80 cassette game was hours of fun. Then I got my Atari 2600 and became an expert at Combat until getting addicted to Asteroids. Moving on to the C-64's Impossible...
  17. whitebus

    You wouldn't steal a CD...

    In Canada artists are subsidized with a pirate targetted tax on blank media. So if you create your own content artists steal right back from you when you buy the disks to store your own content. Intellectual property can not and should not exist. Human knowledge in every form is gained from...
  18. whitebus

    Using MySQL

    If you are using the desktop edition, the most common problem I've come across is the 'localhost' part. check your user table to make sure the host is either % (i.e. any host) or localhost. It may be that when you set the user up were user@mycomputer. Using the command line client and logging in...
  19. whitebus

    Geeks Make the Best Lovers?

    the real reason can be found here: "all jocks ever think about is sports, all nerds ever think about is sex"
  20. whitebus

    Xbox or Playstation 3?

    No personal experience, but I have two friends with xbox360 who now wish they'd gone with the ps3. I'm still using the ps2 myself, but may get a ps3 as soon as the ps4 comes out. :)