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    Get "" domain to work with your x10hosting account.

    You're awesome, it works great! Far nicer than just a redirect :)
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    Important Poll

    I don't use either, although it seems polite to keep them around for the people that do. X10's wide variety of features is what brought me here versus other free hosts
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    What do you use x10Hosting for?

    I don't have my account activated yet, but once I do, I plan on hosting a forum, and then just a place for me to keep some content that I've written (guides, etc)
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    Suspend or Hibernate?

    On my laptop, I just suspend it when I'm going to be away for any reasonable period of time. Suspended it uses about 2w, and I'd rather have what is practically an instant-on than save the extra 2w. On my desktop, I usually just shut it down if I'm not going to use it, it has issues with...
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    Best Linux Distribution

    I run Ubuntu 10.10 exclusively on my laptop. It's fast, stable, and does everything I need and want it to do. My current uptime is almost 3 weeks, and it's still going strong as the day I installed it. I have Compiz-Fusion installed and have quite a few of the animations enabled, so that I...
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    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    I've been using Windows 7 since the first beta on my main PC. First I had Beta, then RC, then I bought the full version the day it came out. I love it, a great change from XP and Vista (although I do run Linux on my laptop)
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    Post your specs

    Intel Core i7 860 @ 3.83ghz Intel X25-V 40GB + WD Caviar Blue 500GB Lian Li PC-A05S Asus P7P55D Pro GTX260 1792MB + Asus GTS450 DirectCU XFX 650w XXX 2GB Corsair XMS3 1333 Win7 Pro x64 Asus VH242H 23.6" LCD More than fast enough for anything I do, I love it
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    How long does activation take?

    That's fine...I was just afraid that I might have done something wrong :o Thanks!
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    How long does activation take?

    I've heard great things about your free hosting service from several of my friends. Yesterday I registered an account, and today it's still in the "Pending Activation" stage. How long does activation typically take?