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    !!!! The NEW Biggest thread !!!!

    lets start the firework topic again...
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    Teens Needed! ::TeenLife::

    Hi, I really need people for my new forum, TeenLife. Can anyone please join? It is for teens, and you talk about teen related substance, like school, parents, puberty, relationships, friends, etc...Please sign up teens :P The link is:
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    Hi, I just started a new blog, and I would like commenters and viewers. Please help my blog, and recommend it to others, comment on my posts, and suggest things that I should put. So far I have posted 3 posts, one everyday since I started the blog, I decided to try to make a post a day, and when...
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    Website Does not Work

    Hi, um my website is not working, like when i try to go in, it says something like SSL Error: 404 - Not Found The requested resource could not be located. Check the following :- If you typed in the URL by hand, then make you sure have typed in the correct address. If the request was as...
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    Hi :D

    Hi, I'm Umja345, or Jay Kim...I'm Korean, 13 years old, and my favorite hobbies are computer programming, graphic designing, and gamming. My favorite game currently is GunZ. :D