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    what happend to my

    now it's saying my main domain is and i only own and I have never had an issue ive been using and for a while now
  2. E whats up with the mx10.m10

    ive created 2 seperate accounts for and for almost a year and have had no problems? ---------- Post added at 07:29 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:28 PM ---------- Im not sure what your saying? and have...
  3. E whats up with the mx10.m10

    I need Admin help with this issue, i have been trying everything ---------- Post added at 07:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:10 PM ---------- When I uncheck "Use an x10Hosting subdomain as my account's main domain" it sais "The domain you have supplied is already in use." ----------...
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    my domain must have this extension behind it to be viewed? it was never like this, what is up with this? ---------- Post added at 07:04 PM ---------- Previous post was at 07:04 PM ---------- I am loosing business and was almost going to upgrade to 2 VPS packages
  5. E whats up with the mx10.m10

    I own and but for some reason you cannot go to you have to type in to visit my site, I am 20% away from renting some VPS servers but id like to get this resolved as soon as possible.. please e-mail me back at...
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    mySQL help

    I am not sure I understand your question all that well, but if this information helps out any.. well I hope it does, just PM me if you have any questions or can explain your situation a bit better. This is a list of handy MySQL commands that I use time and time again. At the bottom are...
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    Microsoft Office Access or previously known as Microsoft Access is a database management system. Access stores data in it's own format. It can also import or link directly to data stored in other applications and databases. It is a great resource for web developers to embed forms such as...
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    How the price of petrol has risen

    Or invest in a few 'mopeds' 120 miles per 1 gal. of regular gasoline.. :) I had purchased a set though they both took a dump on me earlier last year. Though, the way gas prices are rising it may be worth the investment to get them fixed.
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    Team Fortress Classic

    TF2 is awesome, but I still prefer some good `ol Team Fortress Classic from time to time..
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    BackTrack 3/4 Linux Distro

    BackTrack 5... May 10th? emit_sound->woop.wav :D
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    Team Fortress Classic

    It's in the work's, I am awaiting to purchase a dedicated box from X10
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    BackTrack 3/4 Linux Distro

    cybrax, "For those completely new to Linux Backtrack is NOT for you. Should also point out that in some countries merely being in possession of a copy can land you in prison." Your absolutely correct, however we use it here in the United States of America for Security Auditing & Penetration...
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    BackTrack 3/4 Linux Distro

    Wow what can I say though nothing but great things. I am an avid Linux distro user and by far I love BackTrack as well as most people. My business perferoms Security Auditing and Penetration Testing and every utility is awesome within BackTrack. I suggest if your a linux fan and have yet to...
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    PLZ help datalife engine???

    What exactly are you asking?
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    Team Fortress Classic

    Wow?? No TFC??
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    How to setup Signature?

    Rgr. Thank's for the help.
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    How to setup Signature?

    Hope this is in the correct forum. This is very silly but I cannot seem to find where I can set my signature up at? Admin>??
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    Winter Wonderland

    I actually like the winter. I am getting ready to move to Lake Tahoe, CA (currently residing in the Central Valley, CA) and I love snowboarding, so i'd have to say I like the winter :) no dislikes that I can think of
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    Which is your favourite CMS ?

    I integrate, use and work closely with CushyCMS for all my clients who request a CMS if they are not using Joomla or Mambo, etc. CushyCMS is a free WYSIWYG Content Management System. It is amazing, and worth the checkout.
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    Renewal of a Life and Physical Sciences Research Program at NASA

    Interesting article I stumbled across this morning while at work. Thought I would share.. And we are just barley hearing of this now?? Seems like NASA should HAVE BEEN investing into this instead of other programs they dump millions and millions of funds into. Renewal of a Life and Physical...