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    Domain issues

    Hi Starshine, The DNS servers are required for some functions, or so it says. I will try to delete then and see what happens. Thanks :)
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    Domain issues

    Hi Sharky, Thanks for your reply. Yes, these are the nameservers in the Control Panel of the domain. Is there anything I did wrong? Anything I need to add?
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    Domain issues

    Hi all, I have purchased a domain for my website @ malwarecentral.x10hosting. The new address is Now, I have set the nameservers properly in the control panel. Everything seemed to work in the beginning, but then the website started working only occasionally. What I...
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    Help! Possible email hack!

    I know I'm a bit late but I'd just like to clarify that. These emails are called scam and they don't mean someone hacked into your PC. People often get these emails - they have a link there (like Click Here!), then you have to enter your details, then you get a '404 Error' and your details were...
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    What do YOU know about Estonia?

    I know that Albania is a country in the balkans, in East Europe. I've never been there but I've read travel articles about it.
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    What's your Speed?

    Actually, this is quicker than what I pay for!
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    cPanel comes and goes

    Hi Chris. Thanks for your quick reply! :) Yes, it worked! Apparently the domain's been down, that was probably an issue on the domain registration company's end. Thanks again, Tal. You can mark this issue as solved.
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    cPanel comes and goes

    Hi, My account has been manually set up for me by GamingX, in case it matters. Details: Address: Edit: .net address does not work at the moment/ Server:: Stoli, Advanced Plan. Description of issues: I cannot access cPanel. It simply does...
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    best antivirus Norton or Mcafee

    None of these are good products. They are considered resource hog - and a waste of money. If I were you, I were to download either AVG Free (which now comes with AVG Anti Spyware) or Anti-Vir Free by Avira. Or, you can get NOD32 which costs money but it's really is a great product. Very light on...
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    Welcome :)