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    Fatal Error

    Thanks a lot for the help..It seems its working now.We can close this thread.I have added reputation.
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    Fatal Error

    yes....its coming now but neither i am able to login nor able to open some other links on the page...Thanks for your help for the first problem ..the link is
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    Fatal Error

    Unable to access forum Hi, Please check had installed SMF in this domain but now unable to access the forum.Wht is wrong with it...i already have tried all forum software but i am getting the same error everywhere..Sometimes blank page comes some time error on eval()...
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    Anyone interested to exchange links with

    Sorry>My site is under renovation work.Once it will be completed i will put few of the links placed above.Thanks for your responses.
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    Fatal Error

    Hi, I have installed SMF.But i am unable to access it.It is giving the following error. Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of eval is forbidden by configuration in /home/linksfor/public_html/tech/Sources/Load.php(1726) : eval()'d code on line 1726 I have intermediate version of PHP installed for...
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    strange PHP error

    Hi, When ever i am using and clicking on any link this error is coming but after refreshing the page i am getting the desired page.Please help.I am getting frustrated :dunno: .I am using intermediate PHP..Please help Fatal error: SUHOSIN - Use of eval is forbidden by...
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    Scamlist of PTR websites

    Thanks for info sharing
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    Hi everybody

    Hi everybody, I joined x10Hosting few days back.But was busy in creating my site its up and i m a little bit free.So lets start our discussion in this forum.I believe i will enjoy my stay in this hosting forum.
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    Anyone interested to exchange links with

    Hi, Anyone interested for link exchange with please let us know. Preffered site with the following contents. Website building Earning Money Fun,Fun stories Software reviews Science and technologyPlease place your site so that we can also
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    Please give some constructive ideas

    Hi, I just have created a site.The URL is Please have a look on this and give some constructive ideas to implement to make the site better and attractive. Thanks in advance.