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    Python 3

    Python is definitely the best
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    Hello, Everyone!

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    Any tips and tricks

    The database server hostname will be "localhost" without the quotes of course. Some websites come with a script that allows you to set up your database easily by simply entering your info in boxes when prompted. The others (Most others) you need to enter your database username password etc...
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    Any tips and tricks

    The easiest way I could tell you to make a website with your x10hosting account is to go to your cpanel and use the "Site reptile" website builder to build a website. It is located under, "software/ services. This is a good website builder. RV site builder is the best the easiest to use for...
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    Any tips and tricks

    My course first starts with learning the absolute basics: Understanding domain registration, hosting, basic HTML, how to build a basic website using a web editor and of course, building your website with as you said "your main goal in mind" creating the website with the ability to attract...
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    Computer Tips And Tricks

    I don't know why you would use blogger when you can install word press on your free hosting account. Work Press Is superior to Blogger and it is just as easy to use if not easier. The free Word Press themes and plug-ins available are endless. They are also completely customizable. Here is...
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    Any tips and tricks

    I'm very glad I could help you. Learning to build websites is by far the best thing you can do if you want to make money online. Once you have learned, there is so much you can do to make money. Freelancing web design (advertise on freelancing sites, from your own websites, free...
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    Any tips and tricks

    Hello and good day. I find web design very interesting as well. I build and sell websites and hosting on ebay and from my own websites. I am completely self taught. If you want to learn web design I suggest just digging in to find as much info as you can. There is alot of free information...