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    OC Modders

    just to let everybody know the forum is open so feel free to join. you can click on my link in my sig and on top of that im looking for good volunteers to work in my forums possibly helping me with some stuff so please feel free to join.
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    OC Modders

    hi folks i was wondering if any of you would like to to join a new forum where you can discuss and have fun in contribution of computer mods and pretty much anything related. i am hoping to find some new people who enjoy it. i have the basic forum up and running and might also run clubs for...
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    Looking for help with a new convention

    hello folks i was wondering if there are convention experts who would mind helping me out as i am starting a new con called Japan Central and Lan Central. the first con is mainly focusing on anime+japanese concerts and shows. my other con will be focused on old school gaming like console and...
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    request to close and reopen a new hosting account

    cPanel username:japanwor ( X) Inserting an X inside the parentheses signifies that I have made all necessary backups of my free hosting account and will not hold x10Hosting responsible for any data I am unable to recover after my free hosting account is deleted. The X also serves as my...
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    StepMania 5 Preview Released

    for anyone that has not played stepmania in a long time read this: also see the following thread for more details this is from an old thread that explains what will happen to stepmania. iv personally tried it and...
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    Important Poll

    well corey is sayin about a final choice if u want the frontpage still kept or not because its putting os much stress on the servers that it will become slow
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    Would like to upgrade to unmetered plan

    hello i wanted to know how do i upgrade to the unmetered plan ? i have read the new announcement and i have decide to do it. (X) yes i want the upgrade to unmetered knowing i can't downgrade.
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    staff wanted

    hello x10 fans happy april fools day. i wanted to know if there is anybody interesting becoming a mod or admin for my forum / website http;// im lookin for good honest ppl that are into phpbb3 and joomla . my site is dedicated around japanese media. im also lookin for...
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    looking for admin and possibly moderator for forum /website

    hi all hows everyone doing and happy april fools day. anyways i was hoping to know if there is anyone here is interested helping me out administer my forum / website ? im looking for someone that knows alot about joomla and phpbb3. possibly to also promote it. if you want to see it its...
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    slow or no page display

    well the last time i registerd was yesterday and it was running ok but today im not sure y its acting up. half of the time the installer comes up like half white with stretched icons and stuff. the other time the cpanel display but then doesnt adjust correctly and ends up stretched or not...
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    slow or no page display

    hello staff. i came back to get into hosting my site on this great service. i actually likeded the new designs you guys did to the AMP. well today when i was installing joomla the server on chopin seems to be somehow for some reason sluggishly slow. sometimes the pages will appear but not...
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    Language Rule

    what about those who have joomla and phpbb. would it be allowed to install a language selection mod to set from lets say Japanese to english before even clicking register. or do you guys jus want us to set our default language in joomla and phpbb to english ?
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    why suspended my account?

    you can only use english , french , or spanish
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    Important Poll Regarding Disk Space

    i think all the free hosting plans deserve the uping in diskspace. id rather sacrifice backups for more space. besides it will make x10hosting more better and look more like a real free webhost.
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    how can I reactivate my accout

    that basically sums up the word terminated. you can always create your account again.
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    Upcoming Changes

    so basically what your trying to get rid of is abuses that decrese the servers performence. but i do have a question though. when you said that your gonna increase space do u mean ur gonna do this for all the free hosting or jus for paid hosting as that will make us happier to give thanks
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    Want to be part of the x10 Team?

    ya i really wana join the team and help out
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    web designer & staff wanted

    anyone still that would like to volunteer as staff at my website should contact me via my pm or visit my website at
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    web designer & staff wanted

    hello x10hosting fans. im hoping if anyone would volunteer their time and help me out. im looking for a web designer who has a unique experience in joomla and of course someone who knows phpbb very well. the site that i plan to run is around the japanese culture and has to do mainly with...
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    Want to be part of the x10 Team?

    same here. jus submitted mines.