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    Cannot unsuspend

    My account was suspended for innactivity so I logged into my account panel and unsuspended it but my page is still saying it's suspended help :confused:
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    The addon that's still not working is It worked for one day last week [30 June] then went down. Can't log into cpanel to add it myself again. Also can't access cpanel through acount panel. shows up on my list of Addon Domains in my Hosting Account Management...
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    Unable to login and still no resolution to my addon domain problems. Currently 5% downtime for my addon.
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    My domain name is stuck in limbo on Fris

    I've got exactly the same problem with the added bonus of no response to support tickets. Why they've started on a new server before fixing this is beyond me.
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    addondomain fris-ed

    My addondomain has been down for over a week now, closer to two. I know that everybody at x10 is working real hard but for 5 days there hasn't been an update on the state of the fris troubleshooting and I've had no reply to my last support ticket reply for over 12 hours. It's obvious that loads...
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    Site down

    Cleared my browser cache and flushed my dns cache but still getting redirected to
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    Site down

    Thanks, The problem is with one of my addon domains. I know that all this work is very necessary and thanks to everybody working hard on this. ---------- Post added 06-26-2010 at 03:46 AM ---------- Previous post was 06-25-2010 at 04:21 PM ---------- When I log into cpanel I can only see 1 of...
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    Site down

    Nope, can't get in through the account panel. ---------- Post added at 06:28 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:15 PM ---------- scratch that, I can occasionally log on through my account panel. the problem is with my addon domains not working. they show up in my account panel but not my...
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    Site down

    Hello, My site is down and I cannot log into cpanel. Please help.
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    php require not functioning

    Thanks Descalzo, looks like I have a lot of cutting and pasting to do :( What's really puzzling is why the same code works on some pages but not others. I don't mind fixing the problem (honestly) but sometimes I just like to know why / what's causing the problem.
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    php require not functioning

    Hi all, I'm using a php require to include another file which has worked fine, until I checked my site yesterday. Here's the code I've been using. <?php require $_SERVER["DOCUMENT_ROOT"] . "/includes/top.php"; ?>Standard stuff. What's weird is that I'm using the same code on all pages but only...
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    cpanel is not accessible

    Looking forward to having my site back on its feet.
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    spamming woes

    Many thanks Bryon. I'd love to know what caused this.
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    spamming woes

    I've been using x10 for years with no problems, and I've loved it. But now my site's been suspended for spamming, even though I've never sent an email from my account. I had my support thread escalated to a ticket but haven't had a reply for the past 5 days. So it looks like my account is going...
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    Suspended for spamming

    Last week I was suspended for spamming but I have never sent any emails from my x10 account. I had my last support thread escalated to a support ticket. Unfortunately I haven't had a response for over three days. I suspect that my site was hacked and abused. How can I prove that this is the...
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    suspended for spamming

    Like the title says, I've been suspended for spamming but have no idea why. I regularly log into the forums but rarely start or reply to a thread. So what's happened, has somebody gained access to my account?
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    Review My Newly Re-Designed Site

    Yeah I gotta agree wholeheartedly with BJoe
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    Kims Occasions new website

    Not bad for a first start Here are a couple of pet peeves tho ... 1. Loose the stat counter. Nobody wants to know how many people have seen your site. And if it's for you to check how popular your site is use google analytics, much better. 2. Make all the images the same dimensions so they...
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    Please review my site for the following points

    A nice simple site, looks good. A few points: 1. I don't like your lion logo, I think it's the drop shadow. Yuck, but just my taste. 2. A strange symbol has crept into your first paragraph "Par son savoir-faire" 3. Move your contact link and graphic into the copyright footer
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    review my site

    it's working now but I don't like that list of links at the top of the page it needs some style, at the moment it's just too bland you could put them horizontally for a start