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    Prime Membership

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    Prime Membership

    Hello, I'm thinking about signing up for one year of prime membership. However, I have some questions: 1. I noticed that there was a recent announcement about a limit on disk space, and we would have to contact a staff member to get this limit lifted. I run a legitimate vBulletin website, with...
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    Hello world...

    Welcome to x10!
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    Hellow everyone

    Welcome to x10!
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    Do You like Waffles?

    Sounds delicious! I'll echo this sentiment.
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    x10 is a godsend to me...

    Enjoy your stay here at x10. :)
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    Hello x10hosting

    Hello! Enjoy your stay here at x10.
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    Hi i like pie!!!!!

    Welcome to x10! :) Enjoy your stay here.
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    Change a letter!

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    Attendance Sheet Re-Made (Keep This One Active)

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    What is The Best E-Reader?

    In my opinion, the Amazon Kindle is the best e-reader because of its two month battery life, the incredible e-ink screen, access to roughly one million books available for purchase, 3g/wifi, and much more.
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    Newbie here grateful if you can review My Site.

    Overall, I think the site is effective in terms of design. However, in my opinion, you should make the clickable links a different color or make it more evident that they are in fact links.
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    Welcome to x10!
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    Count to 1 Million

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    a bit unsure about the rule, just looking for basic content feedback on my site

    It's a plain and simple site. It could use additional color to spruce up your site and make it more appealing to visitors.
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    Welcome to x10! Enjoy your stay here.
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    FTP Trouble

    Please read the FTP Details for information on how to connect to your site using an FTP client. Alternatively, you may use the following steps to access your FTP: Login to your Account Management Panel Click on "Hosting", then click on "Login to cPanel" Once logged into cPanel, click on...
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    Hey there!

    Welcome to x10! After 5 posts (which it looks like you've already achieved), you will be promoted to the Registered Users group. According to the User Groups thread in the Useful Information forum: If you have any additional questions, please feel free to ask.
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    Welcome to x10! Enjoy your stay here.
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    qsn about hosting high traffic blog

    Welcome to x10! Enjoy your stay here. If you currently experience or anticipate high traffic at your blog, you may want to upgrade to x10 Premium or x10 VPS for unlimited bandwidth, disk space/storage, along with other features. This will accomodate for your high traffic blog. If you have any...